It's the BYE game - Choose your own adventure

I'm going with the previous suggestion of round 22 2009 v Hawks AND I want to experience what is was like from ground level in the grog squad sending off the butt hurt Hawks fans in there half empty members section.

I was on the top deck that day and it was completely full of Essendon.

I was so hung over that day. Mates picked me up to take me to the game and literally had to pick me out of my toilet bowl. I sipped one beer across the whole first half, dry reaching more times than I care to admit, green and didn’t say a word. After the hit on Sewell it was like I left my own body, I rose above the crowd and looked down on myself. “Bring out a shovel and bury the ■■■■” the pseudo me shouted, a web of foam caught in the corner of my mouth and across my beard. “Bury the ■■■■!!!”

The beers flowed after the incident and a young Michael Hurley put us into our first final series in 5 years.

It was otherworldly.

then the bastards didn’t play the replay on the big screen so was hard to figure out what exactly happened. had to ring a buddy at home while they dragged the carcass off the field for confirmation.

Not sure it was as intentional as Lloyd makes out, but hey, who cares.

sep 7 1959.scrub the day from history.

Ok, what happened?

carowhine conceived.

just booked myself in for ECT.