Jabronie marks work themselves into a shoot -- at the Oscars and on Blitz

Guy king hits another outside a night club, bloke dies from head trauma. Yeh, so what?

Hollywood celebrity slaps another Hollywood celebrity on the face, front page news worldwide, even knocks the Ukraine invasion off the front page.

How is it that a face slap creates more fuss than many other celebrity deaths . Meh!


I think the problem with this whole thing is now live performers will find themselves targets of unhinged audience members who may now feel emboldened to confront entertainers on stage in the event said entertainer does/says something they take exception with.

I have a feeling we are going to see some copycats and perhaps with worse consequences.


Yes Americans are allowed to carry guns

He’s come out now publicly to give a proper apology, violence is no answer, as compared to justifying it because it was so offensive.
French dropped crime of passion legal defence , but some countries still accept honour killings.

What a dog act from Chris Rock making a joke about someone’s physical appearance. He’s lucky Smith didn’t go to town on him and just gave him a ■■■■■ slap. Not a celebrity death post but it should of been.

ahhh diddums. It was a pretty sedate joke, said they looked like GI Joe or whatever. Not sure its particularly insulting or demeaning.


He was commenting on the wife as successor to the actor in GI Jane, who played the part with a shaved head, and looking forward to similar
Maybe Chris was unaware that she had alopecia.

Im pretty sure he knew she had alopecia, thats why its a joke. Again im not sure its really insulting or demeaning to be compared to GI Jane, even if it is on the basis of a physical disability? Whats insulting about it?

I think Will probably saw it as a moment to bignote himself on the world stage as a protector of his wife and women more generally and absolutely ■■■■■■ it up for himself.


Remember that the next time you bag an umpire or player at the next game.

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Amusing how will was whole heartedly laughing before seeing his wife get ■■■■■■ off. Guess Chris Rock should’ve been an 18 year old friend of wills son hey.

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I’ve never bagged a player at a game or in blitz. Umpires is a different story as anyone who went to the Anzac Day game a few years would agree with.

Can honestly say I’ve never criticised an umpire for how they look, as Rock did.
Although I have criticised them for something they’ve done, as Smith did.

What a weird tangent.

But what if they’re bald or a ranga? Surely that’s OK.

Weird thing to ask a bald ranga…


I’m sure I’ve abused you in the past.

I’m up in Melbourne next week for a couple of reunions. One of my mates has always copped it for being a bloodnut until recently. His bright red hair has now disappeared into the dust of history. I’ll get to hang ■■■■ on him one way or another. Longtime Saints fan too, so there’s that as well.

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Was it Joan Rivers who said that it’s all funny or none of it is funny? You don’t have the right to take offence when it impacts you but laugh your balls off when it doesn’t. Smith should know that more than most because he’s a comedian. Smith’s a d-ckhead and so is the audience who applauded his bulldust so-called apology.


Since the joke was not made towards you, you can’t really judge it. It is only a joke if the person the comment is aimed at, sees it as a joke. All too often in the past bullying was explained away like this, 'l was only joking used as the defence for comments made at someone else’s expense. What Smith did was utterly wrong and unacceptable, but it is understandable. Chris rock should have known better.

Will was laughing until he saw his Mrs wasn’t happy. He’s a flog


Not true at all

By that definition pretty much any jokes made at trump’s expense wouldn’t actually be jokes?

And funny how he made a similar gag about a bald bloke some years back