Jacob Townsend

Apparently according to AFL website we’re into him. Not sure he’s what we need

Was just about to make this.
Will be an alright pick up

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What a bloke who never misses for goal. Ever. We don’t need that?

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Curious what the VFL watchers have to say.

He’s a good player. Worth looking at.



I said alright not perfect


Seriously think we could do better IMO

We’ve moved on from Callum Moore then it seems.

Played half a dozen solid games for Richmond in 2017 and won a medallion. Not much since

A guy who played for richmond. Kicked 15 goals in the final 5 games of the tigers premiership side and kicked 2 goals in a grand final but thats his biggest highlight

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Could do better we are into 2020 now.

We’ve gone full Nuff here.

Poor decision this bloke is pretty bang average in my opinion.

Just don’t understand why lose Brown to get this guy.


He’s better than brown.


I would have thought that if they were going to prioritise a more mobile forward line then Lav would have been earmarked for this type of role.

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Hes apparently better than brown and can play some midfield time

Yeah but under rutten/woosha/caracella game plan he could play a big role

You think maybe the 2 blokes who coached him at Richmond might have something to do with it? I’m sure they wouldn’t be picking him up unless they thought he was worth it.

I do think we should have kept Brown though.


He’s had one good patch in his career in 2017. Other than that, I know nothing about him

Why didn’t he get a gig last year?

No shame in missing games a Richmond. They’ve got a really good forward structure.

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