Jake Lever

Anyone? Young KPPs don’t grow on trees, though what would he cost?

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We couldn’t get him without inhibiting the bolstering our weakest part of the ground

Haven’t we discussed this before?

In the list manamgent thread.

Have we? Nothing in search results

It may have been in the Kelly or Martin thread.

Anyway, yes I would take him if we could get him.

EDIT: Barnz picked it

Bolstering our weakest part of the ground? That sounds . . . good?

Get a defender so we have no trade currency for midfielders.

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Just had SEN on in the car and one of his mates called up and said if Essendon don’t get Josh Kelly they will definitely be getting Lever. No room in the salary cap for both.

Is this why this topic was started?

If we recruit lever, where does that put Francis?

Fk him, want mids


At Adelaide


Probably in Adelaide as part of the trade!

Why can’t we have both?

I thought we needed to get rid of Bags, Hartley, Dea etc, based on comments on Blitz, so therefore we are going to need Lever.

Whos mate?

Jake’s mate. 100% not verified.

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Don’t see bags and dea having any relevance to Franga. Francis would be in no mans land if we recruited lever. Hartley, ambrose, Hurley and lever would all be ahead of him, and arguably brown too

If we turn him into a forward then we can send Hooker back.

I pray for a world when we can stop calling for hooker to go back


Because he’s gone back?