Jake Lever


He speaks to the 15 year old girl in all of us, he’s just so dreamy.


Yep, if they’re trading Watts for a good deal, they’ll keep Weideman.


A good deal for that soft ponce would be a packet of burger rings and a can of Pasito… but they’ll probs get a late 2nd rounder I reckon. Which depending on how hard adelaide wanna play ball might need to be part of a the lever deal.


Watts’ cards have been stamped. He won’t be there next year. He will be at Richmond or Collingwood.


If Watts goes for a late second rounder, somebody has got a steal.


Possibly. He’s got talent but he’s a big contributor to some cultural issues there which have been holding Melbourne back (amongst other things of course). He is the last of that baggage for them to move on.


Yep his papers are stamped shipping him out to bring in Lever. The pick they get will be packaged up with their first for Lerver imo.


He hasn’t got anywhere near justifying the talent he has or the potential he once had. He’s garbage, I doubt even clarkson could get anything much out of him.


He played pretty damn well before the injuries this year.


Apparently has told Adelaide he wants to be traded back to Victoria


Is that all? Because if he hasn’t nominated a team, that’s pretty surprising.


Given a lot have said that he is already as good as signed with Melbourne I’m interested in the strategy.


Jake Lever wants to be traded to Demons according to Jake Niall on SEN a few minutes ago. Up to the dees to do the deal now


Pick 10+early 2nd round the best Melbourne can offer imo Crows wont be getting 2x first rounds picks unfortunately.


I assume the strategy is to trade for him, but I could be wrong!


I meant the fact that they’ve only stated a Victorian club rather than identifying Melbourne specifically.


The first player to exclusively play State of Origin.


He’s not worth 2x 1st round picks.



And they say Dodoro and Essendon play hard ball lols


Agree also.
Talented third tall for 2 first rounders?
Does pressure Watts to move - Port or Sydney late mail, both for cash reasons, and another second rounder.
A 1st round and a 2nd round would get it done I’d reckon.