Jake Melksham


Or you can just acknowledge that as a player he has kicked on more since he departed. He was a serial underachiever at EFC, but has taken his game to new levels. He is hardly recognizable these days, such has been his transformation. l was not sad to see him go, but he has definitely kicked on.


Agreed. Pretty much impossible to say he hasn’t improved significantly since leaving the bombers.


I’d perhaps agree but we traded a pick from them last year, so we want them to finish as low as possible.


Ryder, Hibbo, Gus aren’t exactly setting the world on fire right now.


Probably the only trade we lost out on.

Alex bl00dy Morgan…


Errr, it was Redman




Melksham would be one of the best passes inside 50 in the AFL. Flat, hard and low. But we never tried him in this role, did we? I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they lost the games he was out injured. Although Hibbo was out too.


Oh… Well thats better :grinning:


He played a lot of footy at half forward under Hird, and he always looked lost.

Looked better on the ball with us, and even off half back (where Melbourne originally tried him.)

Just like Caddy… Looks like forward was his gig all along. Good on him.


Was talking to a Melbourne supporter about Jake yesterday. He reckons it was a complete fluke they started playing him up forward. Last year they tried him in the midfield and then down back before sending him to the VFL for a stint. It only when they brought him back as a forward he showed something and ended up kicking over 20 goals in 10 games. Sometimes you need a bit of luck and it maybe Goody got it here.


Makes sense, pretty sure when they recruited him they earmarked him for a half back role


WSPHU love this guy. Getting a free off Ducker Selwood. Give this man an award


Spot on


Melksham in the middle


Pretty sure he did ok kicking goals with us. A memorable win against the cats with him kicking the nail in coffin goal


Yep he sure did and glad he’s kicked on with Melbourne. I’m positive I heard some interviews with Goodwin where he mentioned that he was recruited with the idea of a back role, but looks like he’s found his role up forward


He always loved a goal and was a great kick inside 50. I’m not sure why we didn’t play him in a more attacking role.


Onya melk.
Deserved it.


Apparently, it’s because he didn’t ask. Players need to tell their coaches where they want to play, otherwise, they miss out. It’s all about life-choices.