Jake Stringer - Nominates Essendon

ESSENDON great Tim Watson says Western Bulldogs forward Jake Stringer is no “flash in the pan” and his “best is still to come” amid reports the premiership star will be put on the trade table.

Channel 9 last night reported the Bulldogs and Stringer are not happy with each other and are “prepared to explore and test the market on him” this trade period.

The network said other clubs were aware of the situation and were preparing to draft offers for the 2016 premiership player, who managed just 24 goals this year after totals of 42 and 56 the previous two seasons.


Not gonna lie. I’m a huge fan of Stringer. I think he’s a match winner and given this we could get for less than he is worth. Would also allow us to shift Hooker back to the back line and reform the best defensive duo in the game. We should be in this one.



Will go to Carlton

SHHHHHHHHHH! What are you doing Tim, this maybe our one shot at this allusive big fish and you’re inflating his stocks :frowning:



Would play him in the midfield.


Goodness gracious yes.




We are very light-on for Jakes these days now that you mention it…


wont get stringer.

Yep, would do it. He would be the perfect HFF/ pinch hitting mid.

Green, Hooker, Walla (Walla and Green swapping with resting mid)
Stewart, Daniher, Fanta/Stringer(rotating through the midfield)

Depth- Francis, Laverde, Begley and whoever else.

Do it.


Sure we will.

And then he’ll spend the next 5 seasons being lazy and staying in the forward line, promising each preseason to get fitter and move into the midfield. :rofl:

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If you told me that we can go after Gaff or Stringer but not both, I’d say Gaff in a heartbeat.


I would be open to it. But if he is not 100% committed to his footy then its a no.

It’s the AFL footy player equivalent of the boat vs the mystery box dilemma.


But the mystery box could be anything, AD. It could even be a boat! More likely, however, it will be a medium-sized forward who will be too unfit to run through the middle and will have the ball kicked over his head repeatedly when he is ‘resting’ forward. You know how much we’ve always wanted one of those!

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He’ll be at Carlton next year.

Not sure how a Hooker Daniher Stewart Stringer forward line would work.

Stringer is not a similar player to Hooker so I don’t think you could simply send Hooker back…our forward line would struggle as a result.

He is a 3rd tall so I can only see him replacing Stewart.

Not at the expense of a first round or anything tangible.

If he nominates us and we get the chance to screw dogs over Crameri style, sure I’m in for the ride.