James Hird , is he the new Giants Coach?

With Cameron resigning, will James Hird be offered the job?

Nah, I think this is a move to get Clarkson before another team like North does.


Seems like McVeigh will be interim


GWS have been shocking this year, but still is a bit of a suprise to resign this early.

I’m shocked Cameron has lasted this long. Giants have had so much talent over the years, with very little success.



Thank God we’re not playing them this week


He’ll never coach at AFL level again, particularly at an AFL funded ($) club. No matter what the people in power say publicly.

I haven’t forgotten (many people on Blitz have though) the abysmal performances in his last year as coach, including the two 100 plus point defeats in his last few weeks with us.

Club legend, brilliant, Brownlow medallist, golden boy… the descriptions are endless and deserving. Coach? Nah.

I reckon Spike might go okay.

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WADA appealing the AFL tribunals decision to clear them and being dragged back into it all over again with uncertainty and the media on the rampage again might have had just a little bit to do with player output in Hirds final year

Sucked the life & passion for game out of them

That said he’s not going to end up coach at GWS. The saga penance aside. Been out of the game for a while now, not even doing media, part time mentor/leadership role at GWS not enough.

Would have to go an assistant coach first again as Voss did & progress from there


Reckon if you think James Hird was responsible for those losses at the end then you need a very good talking to, and your head in a bucket for two weeks.

The whole club was farked by the AFL and the pressure on players and coaches was unbelievable.

The only team I want Hird to coach is the Bombers and he would start this week if I was God.


They knew Cameron had resigned, because they found this on his desk:


I don’t want to bring this whole debate up again, I’m sure we’ve all discussed it and become very much sick of it over the last ten years…

But he should never have returned as coach in 2015. One of our biggest mistakes.

I get why he wanted to come back, of course, but it set us back a fair way. It had a massive domino effect (Bomber Thompson fallout, Worsfold etc etc). It could’ve all been very different.


No. The way we handled it as a club and the corrupt way ASADA and WADA ■■■■■■ us is what set us back.

If we had any spine as a club we would have told all parties to ■■■■ right off.





Its hard to get a gig as a coach these without doing the Coaching PhD, aka accreditation to Level 4 bla bla. I am not sure if Clarko is level 4 accredited, I don’t think Hirdy is . So what credit is given for actual experience aka “on the job training”. Do either of them qualify on that basis?

Clarko: I put a hole in the wall, abused a kid at a suburban ground and my players never wore long sleeves.


plus also that team was absolutely gutted by injury.
it amazes me how misinformed people are when they knock the coach when a team is 30-50% VFL and playing under extreme adversity.


100% support every word you wrote Bacchus. I would also have him start yesterday if the decision was mine.