James Hird , is he the new Giants Coach?

I can see it now. Jimmy will get it, lead them to a flag and forcing me to try and kill myself only to be revived and have to awake from my medically induced coma and relive the pain.

Theyll probably beat us in the GF too. Normally I’d laugh at any thought we’d be anywhere near a GF but watch, it’ll happen, simply so the gods can inflict more pain.


Seek help…?

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We’re posting on a tan forum for a team that celebrates a recruiter, giving him the name “Jackets” and his own memes, despite him being in charge of a list that hadn’t won a final in almost 20 years.

All of us here need help


He bleeds orange, white and charcoal.


Thanks, I hate it.

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Based on what?

Hope Spike offers James the temp assistant coach backfill role. That would be the perfect re-entry point for him.


Hirdy lost the players in the end, cause he promised them it was all good(the supplements program), and it probably was until ASADA/CAS decided we were guilty without any proper evidence.

IMO , he was a very good coach but circumstances “got” him


Hird never lost the players. They were shattered when he left. The team was incapable of performing because of external pressure and weight of injuries.


There has been the odd speck of info that some players weren’t happy with him. There has been a lot more on the positive side though.

I just think that if you look at the time he coached “free” of the saga stuff, we were a finals side, no doubt.


For the period he coached in 2015, he was under attack from certain Board members ( leaking to Wilson he had been sacked, some had promised Bomba the job). The players morale was close to zero with the CAS case, knew they were going to lose


Perhaps you should review your idea on posting here, as it will not end well.

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I think we are at a stage now where we can have a reasonable debate about this. It is a forum after all.

I loved Hirdy as a player. I grew up with his posters on the wall, fist pumping and running around the loungeroom when he won the 1996 Brownlow, have memorabilia of his littered around the house…

There’s no denying the love many Essendon people have for him and that won’t change.

As coach though? Yes there were positives and he was treated appallingly during and post saga (I have a lot of sympathy for the psychological impact it clearly had on him and his family) … it wasn’t right. Despite all of this I do think he shouldn’t have returned in 2015. We can list as many reasons as we want to excuse the performances that season (some valid, some not so much) but I think putting him back in that position after the anguish and turmoil of the previous few years was a mistake. As I said in a previous post it has had a major domino effect on our years since.

I wish him all the best in his role at GWS and whatever else he chooses to do in his life. As senior coach though? I don’t see it happening… anywhere.

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I don’t think he should have missed the 2014 season


In his last few years with Ess, Spike was already showing an interest in coaching. From club reports at the time, they said he was quite good.


Are you suggesting that his return in 2015, part of the settlement in regard to the AFL charge of bringing the game into disrepute, was the catalyst for our subsequent record?

I don’t think it has helped, particularly in the years directly following it. Let’s just put it that way.

It was a complete mess.

No but that honour goes to Fark Carlton minus McKay


He may be brilliant, but let’s be fair, as if the club would’ve come out and been like “yeah Mark is interested in coaching, but honestly he’s just atrocious”

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So, if he hadn’t returned, the club could have easily countered the impact of 34 players banned and labelled drug cheats ?

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