James Hird , is he the new Giants Coach?

What’s that, a thread ostensibly about something else operating as a relitigation of the saga?


When will Hird be back at Essendon?

When he picks up the kids


Apart from anything else, I hope from the perspective of his own wellbeing ( having recovered from serious health issues) that he would not be lured back into an AFL coaching position, which could give rise to clickbait journalism of the worst kind.


This is the biggest barrier to his return, IMHO.

Lazy, gutter “journalism” performed by those with too low a level of intelligence to know better started in the AFL / NRL world and has now leaked in to politics.

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Reposting here too.

You mean James Hird from Canberra may end up coaching a team that also represents Canberra. Hmmm

Yeah that 2015 season was a great season to judge him on. Not like the club and AFL were pushing him out or anything :thinking:


Maybe not to that extent

Not convinced we had the team to win finals. Nothing to do with whether I felt he was a good coach or not.

Sadly, we will never know for sure, but that team knew how to ■■■■■■■ win.

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Giants and Leon have handled this really well


Oh look another James Hird Saga thread, just what we needed.

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Man, imagine Clarkson and Hird working for the same team.

It’s that sort of world now.

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His last year as coach was under rather a large cloud. Hardly the circumstances in which to expect coach or players to be at their best.

However I agree he did not really show anything special as a coach. It was always a stupid appointment. Praying that he would be the silver bullet.

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The Royal Box, Bomber and Hird, I think we actually performed better than we should have, we had a average list and we likely should have made and won finals in 2013 and 2014, if not for all the other noise…then maybe even perhaps could have topped up on free agents etc, but we had players leaving due to saga.

In reality our list was bottom 8 material

midfield was Watson, Stanton and …then guys like Hocking, howlett etc

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Hird is the best coach we’ve had since Sheeds. We played our most disciplined and structured footy under Jimmy since the late 90’s early 00’s.

He revolutionised the forward press and played footy in the attacking quadrant of the ground. Utilised two rucks to eliminate rebound 50s down the wings and had the forward pressure to avoid the sling shot off half back.

This was comfortably our best structured footy in the last 12 years. Before the sling shot off half back attempt.

Its also of my opinion that Goodwin modelled his coaching success of his Hird mentorship which I’m surprised nobody else has picked up on alluded to. I got to see it first hand here in Adelaide at the Melbourne vs Brisbane final. Choked them, eliminated the exits utilising Gawn and Jackson and basically played the game in their forward 70m.

You opinion is invalid if you only remember Hird post SAGA.


Hird will coach GWS to their first grand final, bank on it.

Cameron coached GWS to a Grand Final in 2019.


To be fair they didn’t do what you classify as “playing” in that game.


If Hird does take over GWS (Which I don’t think will happen), I would love to see them win a premiership with him.