James Hird — January 2017 onwards

I see. If Essendon supporters are representative of AFL supporters generally, they will boo the Hell out of J Hird. Having said that, anyone who boos J Hird is still a bum.


The way I see this going is that Adelaide is up by 100 at half-time, and 50,000 Tiggers have left before they throw the gates open late in the game. Then the Bomber fans come in and take their spots, and wait to cheer Hirdy.


Good interview and, as said previously, James was relaxed and clear about where he was at. Enjoyed the footy banter with Rama.
Got his plug in for the chocolates. Let’s hope it continues to go well fo him.


Not only that, he is cleaning up the cocaine trade.

Doing more that WADA about drugs.


What i took from that interview is what a wonderful coach he could of made. I could listen to the bloke speak all day I reckon. We need him back at the club in anyway possible. Love to see him run for a board spot and eventually be president.


Half of our own ‘fans’ would boo our own players given the chance. Like they fkn wouldn’t if Buckley/Voss etc went through what Hird did. LOL.


Anyway, booing is so archiac. I just send letters these days,


Ah Diggers, you have the same crystal ball as me.

(funniest thing for me is that when Hird presents the medal the NS medallist will be in amongst the boos).

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he probably gets a lot of old white guys giving it to him on twitter!

Have you read the delisting and trading sections of Blitz recently? I beg to differ.


The weekly game thread is evidence enough.

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And game review.

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What happens in the game thread, stays in the game thread

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MIssed milwalls sense of superiority.

Son in law, (saints supporter) went to a grand final breakfast yesterday.

Hirdy was there, did an interview and spoke frankly at length about his time in hospital, and that he has come off antidepressants within the last 2 months. During his time in hospital only saw his family.

Hirdy says he is now in a good place.

Son in law says he was very impressed with the way HIrdy conducted himself.

Great to hear.


Whereas I miss the ignore feature so I don’t get to see your incessant tripe.

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Pre saga I definitely would. Post saga I view things a lot differently and if it were to happen to them tomorrow I’d given them the benefit of the doubt like I did Hird.

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