JLT 2 vs Geelong, Colac, Sunday 11/3/18 1.05pm Fox


Sound like 1 make massive injury and 2 massive speculations


On Blitz…one can never over speculate


The umpiring was comical in parts & we simply get zero leeway for any type of hold BUT we also give away some really really stupid frees. I don’t think we can fix the 1st part but discipline is the key to the second. We also really need to look at our defensive structure & not continually have too many players compete in the air only to leave unattended players around the packs.

Hopefully Marty isn’t too bad but i think its obvious now that we have to send Hooker back. He is a very capable forward & I’d love to say we have the luxury to play him forward for good but our backline is weak & looking weaker by the game. We can kick winning scores without Hooker but I don’t believe we can defend effectively without him down back. Stringer gives us another marking target forward & i don’t believe he will be more than a cameo mid so again I think we can somewhat cover Hooker in our forward line - we simply have nobody remotely in his class down back. Hurley isn’t really suited to the shutdown defender & is our main playmaker so we need a guy who can not get out marked at will or give away blatant frees. I don’t see Ambrose, Hartley or Brown being key defenders in a successful team.


Sorry, only got the footy one.


Yes greatly improved.
In terms of combos, interestingly Heppell was always in with Stringer, while Parish was always in with Myers.
Clearly trying to develop better understanding in stages.
1st half Smith was the third option for the Myers / Parish set up, and Zach for the Hepp/ Stringer match up.
This got more flexible as the game went on and as blokes like Tippa got time at stoppages.

Work in progress, but looking solid.


That can’t be right, close to ~40 free kicks per team per game was the average at points in time (parts of the 1970s, for example).


It’s in the modern era, so 90’s onwards.



Dont worry. They will call the game off at 8pm


Just about. It’s heading that way anyway IMO. Why risk injury to your best players in matches that don’t mean anything?
just assume have a few intra-clubs that at least are 100% in your own control.


I just Liked Ralph, urgh.


Promote that man


Sorry, but that will never happen. Prac matches are essential for building up to match fitness levels. You’d have way more soft tissues in the 1st 3 rounds at least, without them.


Straight from the Presser…Gleeson rolled ankle see how it comes up in next 2 days …“never know how bad”…zaharakis is a kick on the side of his leg…it’s fine…Hurley kicked late so just took him out…he was right to keep going…Fantasia unlikely for round 1 but wouldn’t totally rule him out…Mitch brown still a chance to be pushing up for round 1 as well.


Club gave him an Essendon jumper with his name on it.


He is the afls go to match fixer


Colac :+1:


Was Myers any good?


you people make me sick


Haha must say better ground then Wanga