JLT 2 vs Geelong, Colac, Sunday 11/3/18 1.05pm Fox


71 free kicks and yet our players could have heads removed, and geelong could blatantly drop the footy, and nothing. None. Nada.

There should have been 95 frees paid.


Also Geelong awarded marks that were clearly dropped, and many coming out of defence that were clearly play on.


That umpring was a joke reckon about 5-6 Geelong goals came from frees.


Our stoppage work around the ground isn’t too bad but our centre square work is usually a weakness. Work needed.

It’s only JLT, and I’m never too concerned about preseason, but it’s lovely to have a win.


Should give the guys some confidence heading to round 1


Potentially… I guess we will see in two weeks time… clearly I’m hoping all three are nothing.

I was more meaning ‘massive’ as in key players for us… ie it isn’t good but if a guy like long or smack gets injured then you kinda move on… but losing any/all of those three would be massive.

Club saying that Hurley is fine (Ice did look precautionary), Zaka got kicked (should be fine) and Gleeson rolled an ankle (TBD).


They will all spend 2 weeks in the high altitude room at the club, then be sent off to the Epworth for procedures the day before we play Adelaide :disappointed_relieved:


are they though? i think they look thin in defence and thin upforward. If hawkins doesn’t fire they’ll struggle. if they don’t dominate stoppages they’re back line will struggle under pressure and they lack the rebounding power to play on the counter.


I agree. I reckon their only hope of making top 4 again is for Dangerfield and Selwood to replicate last season’s form and Ablett to turn back the clock. It’s a big ask for all 3 things to happen


Press conference up on the AFL site.


I actually don’t think they have any chance of top 4. … all the eggs in the midfield and that will win some games but too easily negated by quality systems and structures. Forwardine and backline have massive, massive issues.

Also not sure if GAJ will ever be dominate again… so many injuries and now age appears to have really caught up with him.


I saw nothing. This thread is lengthy (and mainly contains people saying Long).

Readers digest summary anyone?


Link for the lazy.


Gleason :cry:


All in all need to be fairly pleased

We have a midfield group whose never played together on top of players going in with minimal AFL midfield exposure so going to take time to all be working well.

A lot of room for improvement


Huge call!

He has a lot of competitors over the years.

I must say paying the “Holding the man” free to Geelong - where he was only being held because he deadset dropped the ball in the tackle - was pretty inventive.


Woosha is a Chemist after all.


Hope you are not serious about McNeice getting a game


i wish i weren’t but if gleeson, hurls and brown are all unavailable i’d such he’s a good shot.

i don’t think he is doing enough as a mature age small defender at this stage.


Votes -

  1. High Tackle Geelong.
  2. Holding Geelong Free.
  3. Zack Merrett.

but I have to say I thought 90% of the frees were there and were a result of our clumsy intensity and over-zealous response to the wangdisaster.