JLT 2 vs Geelong, Colac, Sunday 11/3/18 1.05pm Fox


Scoreline is meaningless.

It’s just important to see a competitive hitout before the season starts.


We are doomed and sack the coach. No intensity too much confusion… oh sorry wrong game…carry on.




Yeah probs


Still waiting for an explanation of the 50 metres against Oirish.
Was it for abuse?
If so, how did the umpire understand him?
Or was it that the ump knew he’d made a ■■■■■ decision, so was expecting to be abused, when Conor was in fact complimenting him?
Or is it the curse of Fletch - you looked like you disputed my decision?


It looks like the same side from last year. Exciting, strong up forward and able to kick goals easily and will doubt have some great wins… but weak in the midfield depending on if some coasters turn up, and holes galore down back with a few exceptions and usually unable to halt opposition momentum. I’m glad we won but that was a serverley weakened Geelong side with no Danger (for the most part), Selwood, Menegola, Henderson and a few others. If Danger had played we’d all be talking about how we let him get 35+ touches and lose the game again.

Devon Smith has probably been BOG this pre-season but you look through our midfield and basically all have far more handballs than kicks. Any chance someone could back themselves?


Thought there were clear positives

Forwardline will continue to dominate, just too many dangerous options. Will be considered the best forwardline the league by year end. Daniher reminds me of those supermodels who dont show up for less than 100k. He did not get out of 1st gear today.

Midfield showed glimpses and will only get better. Still big lapses in concentration but should improve. McGrath is a midfielder and a very very good one. Parish too.

Defence was a worry, partly due to some of the easy delivery into the forward 50 but also just getting easily beaten in one on ones.

Hurley I think needs to play on the number 1 forward. As soon as he went to Hawkins he curbed his influence. We are missing the big kpd that can play on a hawkins. Ambrose is great on the mobile shorter forward but really struggled today.

Finally, if that is the standard of umpiring we can expect this year I might as well rip my hair out now.


I couldn’t believe they were paying rubbish holding the man decisions against us, especially when at one stage after a legal disposal Stewart was picked up and thrown. At least he was big enough to keep his feet, but it was so blatant when you pick up a 200cm player.


As bog average as I think Myers is, today I thought he was superb. He does that week in week out he’s easily best 22


I was enjoying this thread until it seemed to jump forward in time.

Such a shame.


Only concen I have is our inability to stop the oposistions momentum when they get on top and when we do it’s usally too late.


This is awesome.

So I have not seen the game or read this thread. I’m guessing:

Stringer did something good, possibly midfield beast related?

The umpires were bad, like a lot?

Worsfold made no moves?

Gleeson got injured

Long did something amazing, winning goal?

Am I close?


A lot of our players started to get into gear today, I reckon it’s real exciting


Very close. Almost spot on.

Except Stringer kicked a freak goal from boundary line. But also did some good stuff clearance wise.



Hard to know how to take that game, wh3ther it was just the wind , oe it looking like borh teams going at 3/4 pace, it just looked lik3 a blah game.

Good that they fought it out and got a win , good that in patches tge pressure wqs turned up.

But ther3s along way to go to get that defensive game to where this team id a top 4 contender.


We should make the Pope our #1 ticket holder if he can deliver that sort of divine intervention each week! (needs to emphasise the “NO injuries” bit though).


On the radio they said Geelong couldnt get it past half way in the last and that the press and structure was the reason. That was good to hear


What is with that geelong jumper? How horrific


Looked like they forgot to take off their warm up tops.