JLT Form - Anyone concerned?


■■■■ you pessimists have lost your marbles.
I had to reread Hepp’s comments three times to check;
Bread & butter preseason honesty.
“ We didn’t bring intense pressure to JLT.
We need to do that in home & away”

  • well duh!
    “We’re looking to tweak our defence in a couple of areas, and improve on that defence over the year as players adjust and get used to each other”
  • which is what all teams from the premiers down say and hope to do. You don’t want to peak in Round One.
    FarkCarlton ( thread lacked this)

So stop reading this as an another sign of the impending apocalypse.
Stop reading literally everything as a sign of the apocalypse if it comes to that.

You’re nervous- good, I sympathise.
But none of you actually want reassurance it seems - you’re having too much perverse fun wallowing in something that hasn’t even happened.


I don’t think we should start as favourites against GWS.

The Giants are not Carlton, destroying first round picks at will. And they will have their list relatively healthy. Will cover for Ward.


We’re not favourites. GWS have been $1.70 since before JLT. I’d rather a tough one to start. Give us a real idea of where the team is.

But if we go up there and lose everybody will act like we’ve lost to Gold Coast and our seasons over haha.




Just hope if it isn’t working again this year they don’t wait till round 9 again to change things around. These new systems can take some time to click but if you look at the last 3 premiers and even collingwood last year (round 4 v crows), their new systems all clicked pretty much in the first few rounds.


I don’t think it’s great hearing the captain conceed that it wont click round 1. Should we not strive to be at our best every match? What kind of message does that send to the players and supporters. It’s already a excuse. Just like before geelong our fkn club website said we will “keep some secrets” its 100% conditioning us for if we lose, there is some kind of excuse we eluded to beforehand

I don’t like reading them things. Just shut the fk up and win games.


Yep Heppel said as much on sen this morning which kinda ticked me off.


I would have thought if they were worried about it being ready for round 1 this so called system should have been practiced a bit more thoroughly in game conditions either through intra clubs or additional practice matches prior to the season starting.


Let’s face it though, no matter what he says you’d either be ticked off or worried.


Once again, did you listen? He said he expects it to click by round one. They’ll be “cherry ripe”.


Bullshit would have perferd him to stay “We were disappointed in how we played in the JLT series” not this “Hopefully we can get ourselves in order for round one to be able to compete at our best.”


Hope you are right but I’m not holding my breath.


He did say that. He said it’s not ideal and the early pre-season form wasn’t fantastic.


How much of a bender will Blitz be in if we actually won a final.




Yeah, nice speech, man. Ironic, really.
But players are made to take interviews - by contract…so ‘talk’ is essential, unfortunately.


Yeah nah, they get asked questions, they trot out lines, people get outraged, then we rinse and repeat. Mind you this time some are getting outraged by things not said, so that’s a new one.


At this rate I will be too old to enjoy it or it will give me a heart attack and kill me.


Why doesn’t anyone else need to “master their systems” or”work on the new game plan?.”
Why do other sides, good sides, seem to start every season fully formed? What it is about EFC that we can’t seem to do that, we’re always a work in progress?
Doesn’t inspire much confidence.


Sorry what?

He said, quote

“(Those are a) couple of things that we’ve recognised and that’s not just going to click and be absolutely on song for round one"