JLT Form - Anyone concerned?


Do you offer anything to the forum other than being patronising? Do you just go from thread to thread looking for others opinions you do not agree with, and just make smartar*e comments? Try engaging in meaningful discussion, warp your head around not EVERYONE shares the same opinions, and you’ll be a hell of a lot better off


Actually he said a “couple of tweeks” will take a while to sink in but everything else is ready to go.

It’s hardly him saying they wont be ready.


Do you over-react to everything, do you go from thread to thread throwing a tantrum about everything? Maybe offer something meaningful to discuss rather than the whole world collapsing.

Oh and nice trigger when my comments were directed at Deckham not you. So like Wim you get triggered by any comment I make even if not directed at you. Maybe start a thread about it.


Get the f**k over yourself. I offer plenty, and engage in, plenty of meaningful discussions. I just like calling out fkn losers like you who go from thread to thread with a sense of superiority over everyone else in the forum.


You also like lying, considering you can go to a hell of a lot of threads where I say nothing, or I add to the discussion but i like your attempt at starw man to cover up your own sooky whiny attitude. You’re the biggest sook on this forum.


Breathe in, breathe out…


What? That made zero sense. Perhaps you should start your own forum, where all you self righteous people can circle jerk each other off in a pool of positivity and high five each other about how awesome your footy knowledge is over everyone else on blitz


Or you could get over yourself and stop whining every time something doesn’t go your way. And maybe stop making things up, that usually helps.


Will Cul_de_sac be joining him at this forum you speak of?


I raised my concerns about a few of heppell’s comments and I’m not the only one. What’s the problem with that? Is everyone else a whiner too? People see things differently.


You won’t be allowed, not until you stop hating on Parish.


You whine about everything WOB, always have.


I don’t even need to mention him anymore. 30 other people do it for me.



lol if you loved him like THE you would be okay again.


Haha, the poor ■■■■■■■ hit the form of his life late last season and now after a couple of bad practice matches Blitz want him dropped to the twos. Langford too.


I’ve been on here since what, 2004?. In that time, we have won one final. ONE. So in my defence, there has been a absolute truckload to whinge about. I’m a very positive person by nature, away from this forum I often find the positives in anything. But I reckon essendon supporters have the absolute biggest case to be pretty pessemistic in regards to their team. We have been a let down for that long, it’s just become normal


If you don’t get a sense of deja vu from hep’s comments you haven’t been paying attention.


It’s only normal if you allow it to be. I used to be pessimistic but realised it burns me out far too easily so i switched and chose to be more positive. Sure I have been let down but that isn’t going to stop me from being positive and looking for those positive things instead of looking for the negative and then pulling apart statements that come from the club (and that ISN"T a dig at you btw, just a general statement).

I get your passion and I do celebrate that part of what you post btw. And no I don’t go around in thread throwing out statements, I haven’t done that it quite a while, that comment to Deckham the first in a while.


If you listen to the other clubs, they all pretty much say exactly the same thing.
So the only reason you think they’re not saying the same is obviously because you listen to a lot more Essendon media than any other clubs.