JLT Form - Anyone concerned?


Yeah, I’m not writing either of them off on the back of JLT.

I said a few remarks about how I didn’t think Parish was going to be AGrade and blitz went bananas at me.

He can still be a solid contributor.


Beat me to it


Hey @wimmera1 you got another of those parody threads for people like your bsd one?


Also open your eyes sheeple we trot out the same lines every farking year.


People are getting all worked up, and it’s disgraceful.
I would never let my emotions run away with me like that.


We could argue all day the positive/pessemistic views. At the end of the day, I think people who are pessimistic about our club cannot be blamed. We’ve had a fkn sh*t run for years. I get it people want to be positive, and I’m positive about plenty, including our chances this year and the list. But until we prove something, I will always remain guarded. How many times in the last 15 years have I said to myself “yep, were turning the corner, success is so close I can taste it”? Millions

Ill always support, il always think we can win every game as soon as the first bounce down occurs, but the lingering doubt will be present until we start winning finals


I’ve never been a big wrap for him either. But he’s still young and seemed to take s step in the right direction last year.


Blitz preseason form:

Going to be a cracker of a season on here.


I think it’s just annoying when the same people say the same negative ■■■■ over and over and over. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, positive or otherwise.


Didn’t matter last year either.


Fair enough. 15 years is way too f’ing long.

Way too farking long.

The club needs to preface every ‘be patient’ statement with recognition that the supporters have already waited a diabolically long time for success.


I am going to quote this when you’ve been on this site for 15 years and we have zero success

You’ll be like me. A pessimistic loser who’s spent half his life on blitz. fml


■■■■■,I was 14 when we last won a final? Probably celebrated with a durry and a sunkist. My God, Ive never celebrated a finals win at a pub. Jesus.

How bad does it hurt after watching the north and Sydney finals live. Il never forget the north one. That burns


Not everyone goes that way WOB.


True, but maybe more of us should appreciate & accept there is a very legitimate reason why some do.


Can’t questions WOB’s passion for the club.


You’re way too harsh on yourself WOB…

You haven’t been on here for half your life


TRUTH thread incoming!


No. What I am talking about is we keep trotting out the same excuses when we are rubbish. The good sides don’t need to, they either win, or play like winners.
We look like crap and then say we’re not ready.
Every year.


Just checked, I’ve been here since 03! Wow

Born in 88…yep. half my life. Lol