JLT Form - Anyone concerned?


West coast was flogged by Freo in JLT last year

That said I too am not liking the whole trying to embed down more gameplan related stuff. It should be ingrained now after turning the corner mid last year. And the Rutten effect nothing more than subtle changes.

I think it’s all coming down to the mental approach of the players and lack of intensity (as Hep noted) be it via coaching directive or them not going at it 100% which can happen in JLT. But will be unacceptable in season proper.


Why don’t you wait til we’ve lost a real game before bullshitting about them bringing out excuses for losing


And we were flogged by Richmond last year. Just because JLT had little bearing on one team doesn’t mean it is the same for everyone


I had to just check your profile. You’re posting on average 12 times a day…funny, it felt like I’d been subjected to it more often than that…


His comment was:

“Why do other good sides start the season fully formed”

They don’t always. For many reasons.

As per WC winning the grand final in 2018 but were miles off it in JLT

Richmond rolled out essentially a GF team vs barely a VFL team for us in that JLT. We then beat Cats in the next game with a better side IIRC.

For this year most of our key midfield players are on heavily managed minutes after injury interrupted preseasons, Raz, Myers & Tbell also first game back.

Pretty clear we weren’t going all out desperate for a win, because well… it’s irrelvant.

If they are prepared now and ready for a full game at high intensity round 1 that’s all that matters.


A testament to the fact that @westozziebomber is certainly not a pessimist by nature is that he used to routinely start the lid off threads for all bar the last 5 or 6 years.

Given our sustained lack of success for a decade and a half it is simply normal human nature to have this optimism erode and get to a stage where you are guarded, perhaps a little cynical and simply want to see results. Don’t get me wrong, certainly no less passionate and excited.
I reckon an inspiring round one win away from home would be just the tonic for everyone and I’m flying up there for it and cannot wait!


And from now on it’ll be more than half your life.


Just keep in mind that when people join up to a supporter forum and dedicate hundreds of hours of their time over years, it’s counter productive and a big emotional drain to read repetitive pessimism about the team we all love. When I’m feeling ■■■■ about something, it’s nice to have people around to help bouy and support. Where else can someone go for that, in this context?


Kinda weird how we have gone from being all up with the Shiel trade and some excellent training reports to emotions ranging from a tempered enthusiasm to expectant disappointment.

The season can’t come soon enough to give a real sense of where we are at… at least for round 1…


You know what else is an emotional drain? Following the team you love despite it continually failing


The past is irrelevant. You can’t change it. Why give yourself an ulcer worrying about the past? Hell, I was at the ‘90 granny when WOB was still in nappies as a 1-2 year-old. But, I’ve moved on.

It’s not only sport. It’s everything in life. Past relationships, sheet you have done or haven’t done, mistakes, failures. If you allow it, the past can paralyse you today & into the future. Push it away. Ignore it. Embrace today. We haven’t played a single game of footy yet. Be excited. If your expectations aren’t met, cross that bridge at the time. Try & stop fearing the worst.

Go Bombers!


Well you could try going to the positive threads for the reinforcement you are looking for & leave the critical threads to those who find expressing their disappointment more therapeutic. Do you think clappers are any less draining to people who see things differently?


Or a training report!


Dyson Heppell already asking for the fans to be patient. The excuses are already starting :roll_eyes:.

Sorry Dyson, going to and sitting through every 2016 game was patient enough for me.

  • We have the list (fourth best according to champion data)

  • We have the facilities (30 million dollars later)

  • We have a premiership winning coach

  • We have made awesome trades to set up our list for sustained success (Stringer, Smith, Saad and Shiel. Well done Dodoro)

Now it’s time for the players to put in effort 100% for every game. Not the first half of the year, not the second half but all year round. I’m not buying this structures nonsense, that’s what preseason and JLT is for.

No more excuses for this club or it’s players. We are ready!


You have a point?


It wasn’t a shot at you mate. It was a reply to your post about positive/pessimistic posts. I was just making a point that when people repeat the same negative stuff over and over it stops being a conversation. I was most definitely not saying it’s always you. Or that you’re a loser.

And i didn’t start supporting the Bombers when i joined this site. I’m sure i’ve probably been supporting them for as long as you.


If the past is irrelevant why do we
A) keep talking about it’s great history
B) keep using our recent past as an excuse?




It’s funny you say this as this was easily my favorite season of the last 5 or 6 years.


Yep, true.
So there’s a few choices, really, isn’t there?
Change mentality.
Change club.
Stick with it regardless and be miserable.