JLT Form - Anyone concerned?


I do try, to be honest, but every now and then you come across stuff, and it feels natural to try and ‘help’. I know it’s not actually helping.

With regards to the second bit - no, I disagree with you there. I don’t think putting a positive spin on things is ‘draining’, as such. Though I understand it can be annoying, maybe. The people you are calling ‘clappers’ by the way - are not idiots. When things aren’t going that well - they do know it. They just choose to be light-hearted about it.


A/ There is nothing wrong with celebrating past successes. It’s still irrelevant to today & our current pursuit of a flag. Former glory isn’t a harbinger of future success. Only hard work & a few other things are.

B/ Not everyone is using our recent past as an excuse, least of not the players. I imagine they are hungry & focussed & thinking very little about what has transpired in recent years.


Its not about losing. Its about the way we play. At any given moment we might kick 5 goals and win. Doesnt mean we played well.
Good teams play the same week in week out.


Well, that makes sense, really, doesn’t it?
I mean - ‘good teams’ are winning. And when you’re winning more than you lose - you stick with a good thing. On the other hand, teams that are not winning enough are going to change things up constantly - because if they didn’t - their supporters would get upset. Hang on…


Just win against gws. And keep winning

If this year is a failure, this place will implode


Just keep in mind that when people join up to a supporter forum and dedicate hundreds of hours of their time over years, it’s counter productive and a big emotional drain to read repetitive unfounded over-the-top optimism about the team we all love. It sets expectations high only to have them dashed yet again. That is even more emotionally draining.


Jesus… what’s the point?


I didnt really like heppell’s comments, but I’m pretty sure he didnt say we need to be patient


People losing their ■■■■ over meaningless practice games, in which it’s clear we didn’t take seriously at all other than to keep GPS numbers ticking over is very unhinged. Did we hold back tactics/strategy? Most likely. Did we have a number of underdone players coming off restricted pre-seasons play limited minutes? Absolutely. That’s why you can’t use this as a definitive guide on how we will fare in 2019. I’m sure if our pre-season was flawless, Heppell, Merrett, Daniher, Fantasia, Hurley, McKenna, Bellchambers, Hooker (IMO all those boys are in our top dozen best/most important players) were all cherry ripe to go that they’d have played more minutes, but you can’t rush them for the sake of glorified match practice. Really why do we have these games? Just scrap the JLT altogether. All it does is either falsely heighten expectation, or in our case get all the doomsayers in a lather.


My concern is that the game plan looks horribly similar to that of the first 6 weeks last year.
Trying to catch teams on the counter attack from the HBF
Have the press from halfway
No plan B for when there is a loose man in defence
I understand the 3rd one can be countered and could be hidden and only brought out in the real season, but I doubt the first 2 can only be implement at PS training and season proper


Ah you do realise you don’t actually get to decide what is and isn’t draining to others yeah.

I didn’t say clappers were idiots I simply pointed out that they are just as annoying and draining to others as those you consider pessimists.

BTW I don’t really consider much if anything written here as pessimistic. Nobody is actually panicking, more just expressing perfectly reasonable concerns based on far more than 1 preseason.

What I will say about clappers is - they have been spectacularly wrong for a loooooooong time so personally I give their opinions little regard when discussing where we are actually at. Hopefully some stage in the future the side will be flying and most things will actually be positive, only then will we get any insight into those who are simply pessimists.


Let’s face it - whatever I say in answer will trigger a long, drawn out, pretty well written argument. I’m fairly certain that the longer you write for, the tentier your pants get.


This isn’t true. There’s some painfully negative stuff being written. All in response to a couple of JLT games. You might not have seen it. Some serious panic from some people. Far more balanced and reasonable negativity from others.


Nino is. I reckon he’s got some mates too


I don’t think it’s the game plan doing that

It’s the byproduct of lack of pressure across the ground meaning we are always starting our attacks from defence after getting ball back. And having constant re-entries from the opposition.

When we were flying last year we were crushing teams and had them pinned in our fwd line. Or were making it very difficult for them to get into theirs.

Our game plan is about pressure and as many mids rotating through to ensure we maintain that. As Hep indicated and as was obvious we weren’t ferocious like we showed we can be when it actually matters for 4points which it doesn’t in JLT.


Hmm new team defensive will take some time for all to learn. Won’t be on song with it in round one. Then latter on he states not much has changed just a couple of tweeks. I’m confused


I’m on this train. No.more excuses…jlt form was not encouraging…if we have a decent run with injury, and don’t win a couple of finials. It’s time for change. Coaches I’m looking at you…


Damned if he does damned if he doesn’t

If he comes out and says we were coasting/not caring about result because it was about GPS numbers & managed game time would cop it

If he says as he did which is likely part deflection part truth (some tweaks) still getting angst

What was absolute is what he said. We know we play well when ferocious with pressure and he expects our intensity will increase in season proper.


Hmm you might be onto something there. Nicely executed lookaway handball from Hepp.
New thread title needed Dyson “give em something, make sure its confusing” Heppel.


If JLT form was the same as proper season from then yes but history has shown they don’t always correlate, we have also rotated our midfield more than any other side in the JLT and I suspect we have a more structured side come Round 1.