JLT1 vs FCFC Thursday 28th Feb Ikon Park 6.45. Go Bombers!

Match Committee will be finalising the squad. and announce it shortly.

What are you looking forward to?

Cripps vs Shiel for me. In a practice match against Hawthorn, Cripps won 25 contested possessions. Wow. Is that just because the Hawthorn midfield are farked, they were playing touch footy, or because Cripps is like one of the Guns at Navarone, or all of the above.

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Farking Carlton


Apparently Jaeger and Worpel were very good for Hawthorn and they blew them away in the 1st qtr of that game. I’d imagine there was a lot of touch footy about it though.

I’m not sure Shiel will spend that much time on Cripps given disparity in size of the two. Hep, Myers or Langford to get the job?

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As a member I got a seat for $10 off, from Ticketek. There is a double header, so there is a risk there will be a lockout. Carlton fans might be in in numbers at 4pm. Be warned.

“…Prior to the JLT Community Series match between Carlton and Essendon (6:45pm), the Northern Blues will host Port Melbourne in a curtain raiser from 4pm…”



Sloping ground.

Sheesh Cripps is a ■■■■■■■ monster!

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Cripps is taller than the #1 KPF* in the AFL.

( 2018 Coleman Medal winner)

Would go any of the 4 except Myers.

I’d want to put a good runner on him, and expose him that way. He’s relatively poor on that side of the ball, by the numbers. Good clearance winner, he’s always going to win some 50-50s, so you need to stop him giving and getting the 1-2. Put pressure on him to kick it.

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Ambrose would be the perfect tagger for him,can run all day and physically strong in the upper body. But we don’t tag!

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That really puts into perspective how big cripps is. Fark hes a monster

Ha, that would be a massive surprise if Woosha brought back hard tagging. But with 6-6-6 the game will change, and it might be necessary to bring back full on tagging if the likes of Cripps become massive weapons at centre bounces.

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Unfortunately it’s the kids swimming lessons night so I will miss the first half.

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Where’s the team?

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Which practice match v Hawks? Cripps didn’t play in the one last week as he played AFLX.


Is it telecast?

I am in the camp that has Cripps as being a little overrated.

Clearly a fantastic player but not elite in my opinion.

For mine to be elite you have to be very good offensively as well as being a clearance gun.

I have both Bont and Fyfe ahead of him in that regard irrespective of how many clearances Cripps wins.

He’s one dimensional, even if that one trick is outstanding.


Daniher confirmed to play! Can’t wait!


What’s the capacity at Ikon these days?