John Worsfold




I used to dream of us having an average midfield, then someone said you just have to dream bigger darling. Get Kelly and Stringer.


In fairness, it is a very easy thing to make fun of …continuously…and even the least of wits has no difficulty doing so…continuously…


Then, … ??? Crickets.

Joined 5 minutes ago, … posted nothing worth reading thus far.

90% of your contribution has just been bagging the club, it’s hierarchy, and our entire Coaching group, especially Neeld.

All evidence points to knowing zero to this point I’m afraid.


Yeah, it probably goes back to a few wits on here belittling Bomber T’s achievements at the Cats where they used to say ‘anyone could have coached that team, they ran themselves’ without thinking how that was actually achieved.


It’s the bubbles of nothing that make it really something.


The ox tore into neeld on radio today. Never like Neeld and I cringe everytime I see him in our box. For fucks sake why did we pick him up and what the fuck is he still doing here.


The ox doesn’t like him. well that changes everything


I think he is the right man to lead us in the now. As many have identified their is a lingering culture of mediocrity (which in fairness is being kind) that for many reasons we haven’t been able to shake across a decade and 3 or 4 coaches. We are also desperate for some stability and this guy screams strength and stability. I believe Worsfold can makes us a harder football team, I think he can help us build the type of winning culture needed to be sustainably successful. I’m really pleased he is at the helm. We get to see him for the first time unecumbered next year and I’m really looking forward to it. It will be interesting to see what he can add to the game plan with a clearer runway.


The OX = Cgates



Took 7 rounds to play Stewart

Played Myers for 7 rounds too many (including the final)

Would have won more games with Bird or Hocking than Howlett/Myers

Same lazy bullshit unaccountable footy we’ve had for last 15 years.

Made the finals on the back of scraping past teams as woeful as us

Lost to brissie at home in a must win game

Didn’t even fire a shot after 30 minutes into a final

Team and coach pretty average imo


Essendon kicked 5.4 to 6.2 after half time, but a win was beyond reach.

“In that first quarter I thought the players threw everything we had at Sydney,” Worsfold said.

“They withstood that and went in 1.3 (Essendon) to 3.2 (Sydney) at quarter time, so we’d had the same number of shots at goal, we were just accuracy out of being equal.

“Then in that second quarter we couldn’t slow them down at all and that was disappointing that at no point during the quarter did it look like the players got together to say ‘let’s just close this down as much as we can and halt them’.

“We addressed that as a group at half time and the players responded pretty strongly as a group after that and took the game up to Sydney, but obviously the damage was done.”

This ■■■■ is just trolling us now right???


No he isn’t, and if you don’t understand what he is talking about then it is you who has the issues, not him.

What do you think happens at hawthorn or at Geelong or even Sydney?


So…the coach didn’t intervene when the game was getting away from us, in a final, so that we can have a team that will finals…[edit]…hopefully…



So why bother having a coach on matchday? Couldn’t he have instructed them to slow the game down?


It takes years of coaching experience and study of the game to send a runner out to say: “Man on man for the next 10 minutes, abandon the zone”.

Woosh will get there. I have faith in him.


Oh dear


He never said he didn’t try and intervene he was commenting on the fact that the players didn’t react the way they have been coached to and he addressed that factor at half time, not that he didn’t do anything until half time.

He can make adjustments to send players to different spots but it takes the players on the ground to realise they need to adjust.

It is why you have senior players. It is the role that Hodge had at Hawthorn and did in spades. When things needed to be changed Hodge would immediately, on the field, adjust what the players were doing, along with the other senior players. Ours are like deers in the headlights, they don’t react and act quickly enough. He is trying to coach that into them.

Seriously it isn’t that hard to understand.


The theory you have described is indeed easy to understand.

The fact that a coach can’t achieve the task of having his team man up is very, very difficult to comprehend.