John Worsfold


I honestly believe Worsfold could be a good coach.


Reckon if we offered him the job Freo did he will take it imo


They don’t always throw Tippa back, though.
I don’t know why.


He wouldn’t. It’s way too time intensive.


I reckon he’s got free reign to switch himself back there when he’s not getting a kick.
The off-the-back-of-the-square seems to happen more regularly


I do not.
Or he would have.

In any case…coaching.


That’s deliberate pre planned tactic. He’s meant to burst through the centre and end up at half forward.


I may have misunderstood.
I’m talking about actually playing as a backman.


Baby steps, soon it’ll be making speed holes in walls and jnr umpires.


I reckon hes a good manager, sorta like an overall general that plans things, but he needs better subordinates to actually get the wheels turning.

wtf are our kick ins? same old dumb ■■■■ that does nothing. port carved their way though us about 4 times from patient sort kicks where they created space for each other from kickins, infuriating.

the forward line, whilst potent still looks like a mess, stringer, joe and stewwy were way too close to each other for most fo the game, when there was separation we killed port’s defence.

some of the decisions and ingrained instincts by senior midfielders were utterly bewildering… heppell going sideways or back when there was clear options forward. zaka had a terrible terrible game idc what stats say he cut off 3 teammate marks, couldn’t hit a target going forward and just jogged around like he was injured especially in the defensive half.


Doesn’t take much - a little spanner brings the machine crashing to a halt. How to prevent that and/or fix it is the key. Or, we can play good old basic tough footy and get the 50% wins.


Don’t really know but you being the first to come up with crap within minutes of the siren about being angry after a win may have something to do with it.
The insinuation that this weeks structure was a guarantee to roll the dogs last week may also be a factor.
Go Dons


Did we win last week?


Nope nope nope nope nope.

Kids and midgets.
We lost.
Arrogance and hubris.


Sydney, you mean?


Team played terribly last week

Addressed it, backed in the boys to fire (only 2 forced changes), made some structural moves and the team responded.

Should be getting coaching kudos by many in here this week.

Biggest issue still with our team is turnovers which is for the most part out of his hands. Players need to keep fine tuning their skills.


The Western Bulldogs.
I don’t think Sydney have a team of kids and midgets.

Just remember at the end of the year, we’re so far 4, possibly 8 points down because of really, really bad coaching.
For no ■■■■■■■ reason.


Keep going…


The Dogs shocked the Swans with their intensity and pressure on the ball. To the mature Swans credit, they managed to maintain composure and clawed a win.
Us on the other hand - we were neither mature, composed, or able to apply the pressure.


Don’t need to?

Tell me again how football is such a complicated game and last week was building a finals-winning side, while this week was just…you know, actually winning against a finals side.