John Worsfold

  1. Pressure should not be a shock.
  2. Coaching.


Tell me how the restructure this week would have guaranteed a win last week.
I’m patient.


You’re having one of those moments…


I know you don’t believe football can be understood, so I’m happy to explain.

Stringer. Forward.
Hooker. Back.
Brown. Out.
Hartley. In.
Myers. Midfield.

Tippa. Get him in the game.
I don’t care how, but if Tippa gets a decent amount of the ball then we won’t lose many games (this is footy 601 stuff now).

Those are things we did this week, that we did not do last week, and they are All coaching issues.


Cognitive dissonance will do that to you


Ohhhhhh, the ironing.
Tell me, do we still not have the cattle?


You tell me?

What suits your narrative better this week?


Maybe read the thread?
Do you need flash cards?
Have I been hiding my light under a bushel here?


We definitely have the cattle… last week they played like calves… this week like bulls.


Extraordinary, huh?


Lol I wish it was. Sadly it was predictable.

When it’s the norm we’ll be a very good football team.


If only we could get someone to get them to play to their full potential…

Oh well.


Football is simple


Ok/ you’ve avoided the question.
Let’s move on hey?


Woosha should get there one day.


You don’t know me very well, do you?

Which question have I avoided?
I’m not Worsfold.


We’ve tried quite a few someone’s, but yes it would. Perhaps that someone is not a coach.


I appreciate the compliment.


Last year Hooker forward was a masterstroke forming one of the better forward structures. Round 1, 2018 Hooker forward takes crucial clunkers in the 4th which gets us over the line. Two quiet weeks and a gap down back so he’s moved. Good decision making.

Stringer plays forward given the loss of height. We know we’re short of big inside mids but today was ok given Myers was very good. Stringer can play forward and can impact a few stoppages as well. We don’t have the elite inside mids that other teams have so we need more options to spread the load. Good flexibility, good decision making.

Armchair critics. Never happy.


Idk, i still can’t take much out of a win like this after the predictable and apathetic performance last week.

the carlton game will be telling.