John Worsfold


Yeah, nah, that’s not the reason.

You lambast every other person here for not giving you detailed responses, and when you get them, you just ignore the premises and pick on the semantics.

So you’re not really adding any value to this discussion either.

I shouldn’t have bothered because knew that was exactly how you would respond.


I really am open to discussion.

You’re saying moving a key part of your structure is hard.
I get that.
I don’t agree that means it shouldn’t be planned for.

And I’m ignoring the personal stuff. Again.


What? When did I say it wasn’t planned for?

All I’m saying is your not crediting the effort in the box.

This is an example of why a lot of people don’t take the motive of your position seriously.


Can you not?

Even once?

We’re done.
If you want to discuss the topic, great.
If you want to discuss me, fascinating though I am, I really have no interest in what you think.


Good win today eh guys?? :yum:


Can other people stop posting in @wimmera1 and @benfti 's thread, thanks.


And stander




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shitposting knows no patience.


Just watched his presser. What I enjoyed was we won and he was just a little testy.

I don’t think he’s under any illusion that we’re increibly inconsistent and he’s working toward unlocking why.

For those that arent confident in his match day ability, I think he’s the right person to steer our ship. We just need to inject new fresh assistant a la what the Tigers did with hardwick


I don’t see anythign wrong with getting a match day tactician. probably be a progressive role to institute.


I don’t normally do this, but weeks of reading your ■■■■ posts has finally got me going. I don’t recall any constructive post you’ve ever made and all you do is add ■■■■ and degrading material towards others. Its not constructive, it doesn’t relate to Essendon, and it only reflects on your thoughts, your opinions and how you see other supporters!

why don’t you just ■■■■ off and hide under the bridge you came from


Thank you for your lovely post about me.


Yeah, keep it up the trash work


Okay, mate.

How do you think Worsfold’s going.


Just to break up your lovefest…

I think shifting Hooker back was a must. Stewart has been our best forward so he deserves a spot there. I also believe part of Daniher development should be to lead and command the forward line without needing Hooker there. Joe D, Jake and Stew should cause enough headaches for defences along with Tippa and Fantasia.

But after having seen Hooker down back, I think it’ll be more of a horses for courses arrangement. Whilst it was a success today and he communicated well with Hurley and Hartley, there were just worrying moments when Hurley was stuck on Robbie Gray or Wingard. Luckily the mismatch wasn’t exploited.

I think Hurley and Hooker prefer to play a little loose and as the third man up in a contest. That sort of means Hartley or Ambrose must take the key forward.

I also saw Hooker struggle for pace against Marshall a few times. I noticed it a few times when he plays forward, but in the backline, it was glaring.

I’m not sure how we set up against a team like Richmond who generally play mid sized and smalls around Jack Riewoldt.

If we go in with a tall slow backline, then there is a lot of pressure on the midfield forcing rushed kicks to our talls for easy marks. Something our midfield has struggled to do for a long time. If the midfield has time to kick to advantage, our tall backline is screwed.

Collingwood have Reid (good matchup for Hartley) and Cox (Hooker), so it’ll be interesting to see who Hurley ends up lining up on. The Melbourne game will be another interesting one. They have Hogan (Ambrose the better matchup) and the rest of their forwards are medium sized or smalls.
It’ll be interesting how the coaching group play it.

Hooker and Hurley should be our two key defenders. One will need to be lockdown and the other can roam a bit more freely depending on matchup. Hartley or Ambrose should only be used depending on who the third tall is.


Hurley matches up well on mid sized forwards imo
In saying that, he has also had superb games on Riewoldt