John Worsfold


And you’ve lost me.

But then I’m not one who thinks players are hopelessly confused by the idea of playing more than one role, as some seem to.

In any case, our flexibility should be an asset.
Not something to be afraid of.

Edit: (to your edit) I think I see what you mean.
I can’t agree.
I’m not talking about what’s said to the media.
I’m talking about him training with the back half sometimes.

What you’re describing…I just don’t believe players or teams are as fragile as that.


Our intensity at the footy was (finally) excellent, mostly. That was the key factor. The positional moves, a lesser but still real contributor. As was the way we set up the ground to prevent PA rebounding with impunity from half back. So thats a good outcome from the coaches.

Plenty of improvement left in this list. Barely scratched the surface. The coaches either get it from them, or move on.


Good point- Hinkley and his crew would have had those position changes we made on the whiteboard all week. The PP coaches knew what plan to implement but the players couldn’t execute.


This is the worst thread on this site. And I’ve read the US Politics thread.

Some absolutely remarkable mental gymnastics being displayed in here. It used to be kind of funny. Now it’s just kind of sad.


Come on mate. The climate change thread is rock bottom humanity.


I don’t go in there but I’ll take your word for it.


The happy clappers like me, apparently, can take some of the blame but those Worsfold gloomers are a piece of work.


Reckon however, that the motivation from everyone here is sound… just want the club to snaffle a final or two, maybe a flag, one day soon. And, as nutso as it might sound, I reckon it will be the members and supporters getting ■■■■■■ that will have the biggest say in that… last week was good, lots of angst. The message was loud and clear… enough.


Discussion about Hepps hair and beard as effect to his captaincy isn’t much chop either. So this is the fourth worst thread.


what about how hot guelfi is?

absolute specimen.


We need to dig up “The Raptor” thread and give us all a laugh I think!


I’m going to change my avatar in honour of his hotness


See, it’s post like this that you make in this thread that I find it incredibly hard to take anything you say on this topic nothing other than overly emotional grandstanding .

On one had you bang on about how “simple” football is and use a rudimentary example of moving Hooker back/ Stringer forward to support your claim but then then totally fail to acknowledge (or maybe you aren’t aware?) of the cascading changes that need to occur right across the ground in order for the “simple” change of Hooker back, stringer forward to balance out. Aside from Hooker going back, so did McGrath. Now stringer went forward which means from the first few weeks forward, back and midfield group rotations we we down a whole midfielder rotation, Guelfi made up a bit of it but, I saw a big uptick in midfield time from at least 5 other guys. Which means rotations and roles in every part of the ground were different or compromised in some part.

Stringer spending 80% of his time forward was as much about covering Hooker as it was keeping Jake deep. Stewart also didn’t ruck this week because he was needed for hit up to replace hookers up the ground work.

What I’m saying is about 15 guys had adjustments to their roles and loads in order to accommodate for Hooker Back/ Stringer forward, and for the most part of the game it was balanced very well. I don’t know if it was Worsfold or the whole coaching group, but this was a job very well done from whoever managed all of it and got the message through to all concerned.

Footy is a simple game, but modern AFL is a hell of a lot more complex than your giving it credit for.


Stewart rucked.

As to the rest of your post, such a lot of it on Hooker playing back, it’s amazing anyone ever changes position at all.

I guess teams either give up or making it up as they go along if there’s an injury.

And of course none of that, or any of what you said, is the point.

Every man and his dog could see Hooker should have been, at the very least, prepared as a swingman.

He wasn’t. And…what are you saying, you want me to give props to the coaches for doing what they absolutely should always have planned for?

Awesome. Even when they get it wrong they get it right.


I knew I shouldn’t have bothered


No, you shouldn’t have.
Because you sulk every time.

Again, you’re the guy who said without irony that I personally am the reason that Essendon is rubbish.


Still no calm in here then?


I just love your ability to find an argument in every conversation…


When HAP and Reboot speak to the topic, I treat them with respect.

If people want to get personal, like stander or benfti, then guess what?


I know nothing of the people you speak of, was just reiterating my thoughts on you…