John Worsfold's Thread of Excellent Questions

Have at it.

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Prediction: We don’t need a third thread.

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Perfect thread to start at about 5 o’clock tomorrow. But I’m sure you’re learning.

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Probably not, why do we need 20 characters though? None of the muppets in our coaches box have any character

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Ok, let’s get this party started.

So here is a question for the crappy clappers.

I don’t think anyone would argue that particularly since post Sheedy, we have been hot garbage, we have been a team that’s been soft and fades in and out of games for pretty much 10 years. In that time the following people have been head coach

Matthew Knights
James Hird
Mark Thompson
James Hird
Matthew Egan
John Worsfold

How can people not say that the problem with the club is endemic, and extends well beyond Whoever is coaching. At least Worsfold has a track record of strong administration. Same can’t be said for the rest of that list.

Really, the soul of our club got ripped out when Sheedy left


you tried too hard with the thread title rolo. sorry, mate.

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Just a placeholder until it’s changed to Shock: John Worsfold’s contract shouldn’t have been extended early

I’ll repeat my Q from the other thread. Was Paul Little involved in the early contract?

How does beer bad for brain


I think your post answers that question.


man i miss reading and trying to post in the drunk posts thread. good times.



Slow burn but the heel turn is complete. Getting quality X-Pac heat now.


I’m pretty sure Worsfold isn’t getting sacked in the next two weeks.

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Will be at 10,000 after we get done by FC

I dont think people are solely blaming Worsfold, he is coping the brunt of it because he is the coach. It has become painfully clear the last 6 months that worsfold is not solely the problem, it is the football department and those at board level.

A mass clean out is needed but as is the Essendon way, as long as we hire good people who fit the essendon mould then that’s all we need. We’ll change an assistant, delist Jackson Merrett and say the clean out is complete.

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Totally agree with all that.

But the question becomes, is Woosha the guy to turn this ship around? (Or do his part in it, the board and footy department need to take their responsibility as well)

Because if we continue on the current path, we are either going to have to get rid of the coach, or get rid of a bunch of senior players.

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I don’t think the board is that much of a problem tbh. They may well have screwed up by re-signing Woosha too early but they have done a pretty decent job cleaning up the saga issues and getting the club structure working well.

If they can acknowledge there is an issue with the coaching setup then there really wouldn’t be a need to change them up much.

And then we’ll gloriously march forwards towards value-added membership, financial sustainability and comprehensive business synergy.

For me the clean out needs to be:

assistant coaches
medical staff (maybe just the doc?)
recruitment staff


and the person who organises the membership cards