John Worsfold's Thread of Excellent Questions

Why didn’t Woosha make an actual coaching decision earlier in the year (even preseason) & not risk our marquee player in Joey Baby?

Players will almost always say they are right to play (even when they clearly aren’t). Doesn’t seem to care much for LT player welfare.

That’s why you have good medical staff, that’s their job not the coaches.

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That, and football department hires are done by the GM of football, board have nothing to do with it.

When did you feel the tractor?

The board appoints the head coach from what we were told.

Rio. Is this your first thread in start-a-thread-thon-geddon?


Sorry, I thought you were talking about assistants and recruitment guys

Why do we always seem to try the “ manage him through” option with our injured players?

Why don’t we drop under performing senior players?

Why was the contract extension given?

@Riolio who were the top 3 posters in the last thread?

Oh, well yeah they don’t. Don’t think they have any real say in it. They can of course recommend a complete overhaul and they leave it the GM to fix it. He will usually give them a heads up and they can tell him no on some things. Normally they do not get overly involved.

It’s why clubs go hard looking for high quality GM’s.

Did woosha have a say in his assistants, and if not then why the ■■■■ not?
If he did have a say and this is the Brady bunch he came up with, then he needs to go with him.
His only saving grace is that he was given a team of duds and hopefully they will all get replaced end of yesr

Neeld, Harvey and Skipworth were all already there weren’t they?


Wim, Barnz, deckham it’s in the first post of any thread.

Why do the players not man up their opponents running off our forwardline to receive handballs and run unopposed into the f50?

Why do we not at least put a man on oppositions best goal sneaks at stoppages in our f50.

Why do we constantly have 3 players go for a spoil and let the ball out the back

Why David Myers, why, why, why why, why

What do you actually do in the box, John?


Dodoro has been at the helm of recruiting since the 90’s. He’s done ok but in all honesty Woosha, don’t you think we’re overdue for a re-set here.

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You leave Doc Reid alone, IT. He was the only one apart from Hird who stood up to the AFL arseholes over the trumped up drugs saga. They backed off when he threatened to take them to court. Doc Reid doesn’t do business with the Big End of Town…


Yeah thought so. But when he came in, wasn’t he given a choice to keep these guys or bring in people he wants to work with?

Possibly but Neeld was well known as a pretty decent assistant, so was Harvey, possibly felt he needed to keep them for stability and wise heads while trying to rebuild a shattered team.

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