Jonathan Giles

In today's trade wrap, reported that:

Greater Western Sydney ruckman Jonathan Giles attracted interest among the clubs that gathered at Etihad Stadium on Monday, most notably from Essendon and, to a lesser extent, Adelaide.
The Bombers will be occupied in the short term by finalising a trade with Port Adelaide for Patrick Ryder.
Essendon list manager Adrian Dodoro said on Monday afternoon there had been little movement in the club's discussions with Port Adelaide, so the Bombers might not be in a position to make a serious play for Giles until next week.
The Bombers knocked back the Power's first-round pick (No.17 overall) and raised a number of Port Adelaide's best young players in talks but the Power have been firm in not parting with any of their stars.
Both clubs remain aware of the unique nature of Ryder's request to leave, with the possibility he could seek to activate a breach-of-contract clause and become a delisted free agent if a deal is not reached during the trade period.  
Those circumstances appear to be influencing what Port Adelaide views as a fair trade.
However the Bombers remain steadfast in their view on what is appropriate compensation. 
"The ball is back in their court," Essendon recruiting manager Adrian Dodoro said on Monday. "We want apples for apples, not apples for a bag of peanuts."
If Ryder departs Tullamarine, Giles would appeal to Essendon as a ready-made sidekick for Tom Bellchambers.
Similarly, the Giant would help bolster the Crows' ruck division, which was largely carried by Sam Jacobs in 2014.
If Paddy leaves, and he appears certain to, we really need a good ruckman to take his place alongside Bellchambers. He is really our only match-ready specialist ruckman. I couldn't imagine Thurlow or Gregory playing much, if any senior football next year and we want Carlisle and Daniher to spend minimal time in the ruck because they are vital to our forward line.
Weeks ago when I heard that Ryder was leaving and Giles was looking for a new home, I thought straight away that he could be a fitting replacement but didn't give it much of a chance. I am quite excited to see where this goes now, would love to have him in the red and black next season. Who agrees? 

No thanks.

Average player who is in the same mould as Bellchambers, however far inferior.

Would draft a ruck well before trading for someone such as Giles.

Can’t believe some people on here want him.

You all complain we have too many “plodders” or “average” players and yet here some people are suggesting players like Giles.

Boggles my mind.

Bring back NLM

What’s his currency. We need guy who is a fringe 22 ruck and cheapish.

Someone who wont complain to get limited game time but who has upside.

I dont watch GWS so have no idea what hes like.


I'd have him.

In my opinion Lowden or Sinclair would be better options.

Instead of chiming in with a no thanks, I feel it is helpful to back it up with a reasoned answer and perhaps even an alternative. It is crucial to note that in the likely scenario Belly doesn't play 22 games this ruckman has to be able to play out whole games in the ruck. Lowden, Sinclair, Gorringe, Clarke etc are considered reliving rucks rather than specialist rucks.


I'm not a huge fan of Giles but he is worth considering based on what our lists needs.

He'd be better than Thurlow...


That's all I got. 

He'd be better than Thurlow...


That's all I got. 


Haven't seen enough of him to agree but I'd say Jeff Garlett being piggy backed by Trav Colyer would be a better option at this stage.

Beggars can’t be choosers.



Plus doesn't he want to head back home?

I’d take him. He’s a handy player, and is actually a competent forward, unlike most of the other names floating around.

Beggars can't be choosers.


I would argue that this trade period is about to become a Beggar's banquet.

Would take Sinclair over Giles. Would take Giles over nothing/draft pick.

He's not that good nor bad, he's just a guy who will beat the real 2nd stringers & give a good contest against almost everyone else (bar Jacobs/Sandi).

Makes good sense if we want to develop a younger ruckman, he can plug the gap as the #2 man until the younger guy develops. But if we go Tags & Baulderstone it's hard to see where he fits in.



Depends what we could get him for and what we think we can draft, I'd be wary of using our pick ~50 on him but if we could tie him up for our 4th round pick it'd be totally worth it.

Reading some of the views by guys on BigFooty who actually watch the lower leagues and draftees, there is a strong view that this is a pretty poor year for rucks. Several say Cameron and Baulderstone are the best outside a handful of U18’s, but that they still don’t deserve to go in the ND. Now, they’re not talking about options at other clubs, and maybe that’s the way to go. But if we can’t get a guy from another club who’s ready to go, and Giles isn’t too expensive, as backup to Belly he’d go ok.
It wouldn’t do our age (or talent) profile much good though.

It wouldn't do our age (or talent) profile much good though.

He's a whole 2 months older than Paddy...

Us or crows

Yep. As long as we don't give up too much.

The alternative?