Josh Schache

So given theres thread about other blokes thought would start this one.

What is he worth? was a former No2 pick
Do we need him?
Should we send Hooker back to defence, he just kicked 40 goals.
Is stringer a smokescreen for Dodoro who is pursuing this trade.
Is this why we are not interested in Rockliff

Josh Schache may be on his way out at the Brisbane Lions this year.

Despite signing a contract extension with the Lions, it appears as though Schache could still depart this off-season.

Speaking on the second NAB AFL Trade Radio podcast of 2017 this week, Mitch Cleary suggested the 20-year-old Victorian might be back in his home state playing football potentially for the Western Bulldogs or Richmond in 2018.

“I think it’s looking that way,” said Cleary.

“He’s packed up all his belongings in Brisbane. Right now it looks like Schache is on the way out.

“The Dogs and Richmond are the two that continue to come up around his name.

“The management say he won’t be traded or looking for a trade but I think the Lions, they know what they’ve got coming in - two young academy players in a similar mould - the Lions might jump first on this one.”


In other Brisbane news, Trade Radio’s Kane Cornes posed the question to Damian Barrett regarding Tom Rockliff and a possible move to Port Adelaide.

Barrett said: “Yeah, massive chance.

“When you get to September 13, and you are out of contract, you know something’s up.

“He chose last year to test the market, didn’t like what he saw.

“He had a good year and he can hold his head high with how he handled himself in 2017, but he’s out of contract on October 31.

“I reckon that says all it needs to be said about a man who was the former captain of that footy club.”

Do not want, especially if we land stringer. Would rather spend more on young gun mids


Just don’t need him. And what we would have to pay the Lions in trade, just not worth it.

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Pick2 199cm kpf with great hands & kicks straight

If we only gave up our future first rounder for him, basically a pick 10-18 it’s a massive win.

Realistically opportunity like this for such a class young forward at unders does not come along often. Think about what we would have wanted for JD at end of his 2nd year!!

If we planning for when our 18-23yr old talented kids are in their prime will need another pairing with JD, and returning to defence with Hurley we’d have Hooker the old timer at full back Brian Lake esque.

Nothing stopping us getting both Stringer & Schache.


land schache and youve basically set up our tall forward combo for the next decade.


wont get schache


Would you trade Francis for Schache? Both reported to be home sick. Same draft, same age.

Trade could look like:

Francis to Ade
Schache to Ess
Ade Pick 17/18 to Bris


Doggies need a KPF more than us. We need a quality mid. Stringer to Dons for our pick 11. Doggies give up either their first-rounder or our pick 11 to Lions (for the Shack) (& still retain a first-round pick). Win-win all round.

I’m way less convinced on Schache than I am on Francis. Wouldn’t be a priority for me.

And imo this “homesick” thing for Francis is totally overplayed.


Particularly given Francis is already at home.

Kid loves this club.


As if you wouldn’t want a talent like Schache. Make the kid comfortable and he will blossom. If he was firing the opposition would have no hope against our forward line.

Also home for Aaron is Adelaide… Brisbane wouldn’t exactly solve the problem.

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Who said he was going to Brisbane?

Also on Schache he is a Key Position size where Francis is 3rd tall therefore Schache would be a better fit for structure purposes.

We’re already struggling to develop one tall top end pick. Let’s not make it two

No it’s not.
His home is Loxton, a 3 hour drive from Adelaide.

It’s the equivilant of moving home to Melbourne because your from Horsham.

I’ve got no idea, but I imagine it would be challenging moving to a city like Melbourne when your a country boy, even after spending 10 months in Adelaide at boarding school.

Doddoro said yesterday that there is next to no chance he’ll be leaving Essendon in the trade period. They’ve got massive hopes for him, and they expected that he’d take a couple of years to come on when they drafted him.


Doesn’t Francis come from somewhere in SA midway between Adelaide and Melbourne? Adelaide isn’t exactly “home” for him and he grew up wanting to play for Essendon. Not sure how he comes into this conversation.

Exact quote - “We’re expecting a really good year from him next year and I’m pretty sure he’ll be with the Bombers”.

The words “pretty sure” says to me he is tradeable if something that really interests us comes up.

The Adelaide clubs would probably interest Aaron as they are closer to his home town than Melb.

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Adelaide maybe. But I can’t image they’d have much to offer after Gibbs. Even with Lever going out. Doddoro will be wanting absolute quality, as he was a pick 6.

Port Adelaide… good luck to them. After Paddy Ryder, I would be surprised if Doddoro doesn’t tell them to f*ck off. Especially when they only have pick 12.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my meh.


My post was in response to those saying to trade Francis for Scache because both apparently suffer from homesickness… my point was that it was ridiculous, didn’t see the point in getting into the fine points of Francis’ home other than Brisbane was the opposite direction…

Very true