Just win. Be constructive

There are some pretty smart, passionate people on Blitz and I suspect that the way we feel is how the club feels. I suspect we are relatively in sync.

That being the case.

The sooking that has occurred this week. Is that just the culture of us all. Sack people, blame, play the kids because anyone over the age of 26 is over the hill, scapegoat etc.

I say no. Its round 2.

How about this.

HTFU and Win.

Win and then win again and then again and do whatever it takes (god forbid that saying) and squirrel grip and use dodgy tactics or whatever but just win.

The hurt after Round 1 has been good. It should hurt. I’m actually happy with the reaction.

So long as we remain positive about where we can get to and we all hope to get there.

■■■■ anyone who wants to rebuild after Round 1.

Screw rebuilding. I want to win with the list we have (a good one) and I want it now.

We should aim to win our next 3 and then beat Collingwood. Then its game on.

PS. I have no idea whether this thread is logical. But what the hell else are we following footy for if this aint it.


I don’t like your friends so I wont enter this competition if you don’t mind


How many do you have? Are they nice? are any of them vegan as I don’t think this will really work for me…

I think I could maybe distill my thoughts down to “there are a lot of great minds on this site, can we keep our suggestions down to something constructive, positive and doable this year as I don’t have the stomach to ditch this year quite yet and start another 2-3 year outlook”.

I don’t think we should chuck it on after one bad performance, and TBF I was one who was calling for calm even despite some poor JLT performances. But you reap what you sow. We played poorly, without intensity, system, etc, and the result was getting our arses kicked againt GWS. We have had a bad pre-season in terms of injury, but after a slow start to last season you’d think we’d have done everything to ensure we start 2019 looking sharp. If anything we look worse than last year, so I can understand the fume…

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So is this like a raffle or a contest? And how many friends?

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I still want a flag this year so I’m not giving it in until mathematically we are done.

sounds illegal

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You’re saying I could win friends by being more positive?

Nah, I’m good.

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Screw the negative nancy’s who think you can dismiss the thrust of this message by questioning the poorly worded title of the thread. I have the power to reword it.


Yeah, nah

If they had a crack but just weren’t good enough on the day, I’d support them.

If they had a crack but just too injury depleted I’d support them.

If they had a crack but just to inexperienced, I’d support them.

Instead the players were Fitzroy levels of aweful. Majority of players across the team stunk and effort was atrocious. They deserve the scorn they have received.


I too hope that round 1 was just an aberration.

Rebellions are built on hope.

I thought they were built on rum.


probably more a pirates thing.

Spot on.

And nerf-herders.

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If it was as easy as “just win” Essendon wouldn’t have given me a drinking problem now would they.



Sit tight be positive

Surely a little bit of the drinking comes from watching the footy with WOB.