Justin Crow


Interesting that 6 months ago this guy was considered a gun and now he’s considered a problem. We have one of the shortest injury lists in the comp.


It’s a bit easier if you only play one half in those three games.


He’s a legend of a bloke too.


Funnily enough it doesn’t seem to affect NRL players with very short turnarounds during Origin periods.


What is funny though is that Port and GCS can’t play the week after a game in China


That’s not really a fair comparison.

State of origin effects all teams not 2 like AFL.

Plus it’s only a couple of players from the club teams. You can rest them or have them spend time on the bench etc.

Anzac Day is increasingly killing us IMO.


If it can be established that there is an increased rate of injuries and form slump due to the timing of the ANZAC Day match, maybe the AFLPA might advocate for an early bye for the teams affected (they advocated for the Demons missing out on their camp after all, so they do care!!! I’m sure they do).

Next year will be interesting, ANZAC Day is on a Thursday, but the Friday before is Good Friday. Usually there is one Thursday and one Friday match that week, and after the debacle of the 33K crowd for North vs the Saints, the AFL have already flagged giving North a bigger Melbourne opponent on Good Friday which could be one of the Pies or the Bombers and the other team could play on the Thursday, giving them a full weeks break.

So for the next couple of years it probably won’t cause anything less than a 6 day break, but the leap year in 2020 will make it jump a Friday, going straight to a Saturday game and it won’t be a Tuesday game until 2023 and the Wednesday will be skipped in 2024 going straight to a Thursday. But I think they should think about a bye if it falls on Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday.


No one doubts your contacts Fog, but it is hard to imagine that Crow is doing much wrong, and if there needs to be more expertise, maybe expanding the department.

It was an interesting last year though, with the unevenness of the fitness and form of the returning players, but those trained by Buttifant seem to do worse than those who weren’t the year before, so hard to blame Crow too much for the form of older players in particular returning after a year out (eg: Tim Watson and Paul Salmon) and trying to manage 10 players with special needs was a fair ask.

Do you know what the former staff members knock on Crow is/was?


This whole thing was explained by Crow and the club, so I don’t understand why anyone is still confused.


We also have some of the shortest memories in the comp.


Just coz, … :roll_eyes:


Dan Richardson, the smiling assassin.


What about Bruce Reid?


Crow is now listed as the high performance manager, having previously been the physiotherapist. Seems he is now in charge of the physios and trainers.
Their role is related to, but distinct from that of the doctors.


They would say that of course, and who outside the inner sanctum would know what the real situation was?
The bottom line is that he appeared to be at less than his best physically, but was still playing.
As I said, I don’t know why that was happening, but it seemed counter productive and just delaying the inevitable.


He’s been the High Performance Manager for at least 2 years.


Well, in that case, you should have just said that you don’t believe what they said, because that’s what you meant - not that you are confused. It sounds like you are fairly confident and clear they farked up with him. Though - one might say - given that you acknowledge no one but ‘the inner sanctum’ would know - you are either in that sanctum, or guessing.


I expect to be more changes was there when the Tigers were struggling and thier breaktrhough flag


Could you do that again, but in comprehensible form?


The big change was he himself got demoted in importance when Balme was brought in.