Justin Crow


Injuries at training are a non-negotiable - From memory we lost three players with training injuries in-between our last JLT game and Round 1 - From memory it was Dea, Ambrose and McNiece - My guess is EFC have lost 10 to 12 players with training injuries in 2017/2018.


On the other hand we’re running out games very well.
A nice change from the days not so long ago when we’d dread the final quarter fade outs.
Now if only we could sort the third quarter.


Injuries are inevitable.
You either train with a high enough intensity to prepare yourself for the match OR you stay really conservative during training and go into the game unprepared.
Both scenarios carry an injury risk but at least if the injury happens at training you can play with 22 fit players.
That and every club seems to have more injuries earlier in the year as the players adjust to the increased demands of games.


I think it was Stringer who remarked on the benefits of the preseason paying off for Heppell


That has nothing to do with Crowe it’s the spongy floors.




I feel the ANZAC Day game should’ve been the start of the round, not the end of it. Play both Essendon & Collingwood on Saturday afternoon/twilight the round before. That way, Collingwood and us would’ve had the same break going into the game and a 10 day break to recover from it. The other alternative was to schedule the bye for both teams the round after similar to what they’ve just done for Port & GC for the China game. Clearly the ANZAC Day/eve games were seen as the climax games of the round. Not sure it matters as both games stand alone from anything that resides on either side of them regardless.


Can’t they just change Anzac Day to a more suitable schedule?


You’d think!! And It’d be heaps better to always have it on a Friday or Monday, so it’s a proper long weekend too, … but that would be too easy, and make waaaay too much sense!

Typical AFL!!




What has he done to the list. They look shot.


Wasn’t it Turk’s job to prepare them physically for games?
I thought Crow was only in charge of rehab/injury management.


This bloke is the biggest fraud in football.

Stealing a living.


So when does he go?


Seems happy with it all…


Absolutely get rid of him. He escapes criticism somehow.


Finally ! Someone else agrees with me


Bring back Quinn.

Our players could at least run, they might do a hammy every other week but they at least got out of a trot.


Another guy at our club who is too nice. (serious)


I thought he was high performance manager ( whatever that is). Sister is number 1 ticket holder