Kevin Sheedy made an officer to the Order of Australia

Absolutely love the bloke. A truly amazing Australian…

Kevin Sheedy

If there’s one person who’s done it all in Australian rules football, it’s Kevin Sheedy.

During a remarkable four-decade stretch he won seven premierships as a player and coach, earning him hero status at two of the game’s biggest clubs, Richmond and Essendon.

He also became one of the game’s most recognisable figures, not just in the traditional football states but north of the Victorian border too. When the AFL needed someone to coach Greater Western Sydney in its tough early years, they turned to ‘Sheeds’.

His remarkable enthusiasm for the game and its people is still being felt, as are his ideas. The annual Anzac Day and Dreamtime games are entrenched because he championed them. His work with Indigenous players during his time at Essendon helped pave the way for many who came later.

His status as a legend of the game was confirmed last year, when the AFL gave him that title at its annual hall of fame dinner.

He adds to his long list of achievements in being made on Saturday an officer of the Order of Australia for distinguished service to Australian rules football as a senior coach, and to education and employment programs for young people.



Good on him - well recognised!

He is a legend of the game and has done more than anyone over the last 40 years to popularise it.

Well done, Kev!

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Onya, Sheeds. Had the privilege of meeting the great man several times over the years from the 80s onwards. Always had time for a chinwag and was just a ripping individual. Well-deserved.


Well done Sheeds.

I don’t care it’s not a Knighthood, … it’s Sir Kev from me from now on.

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What nightclubs does an order of Australia get you into


WD Sheddy


Thought we hated poncy titles in Australia?

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I thought that sniveling little [email protected] tony abbott got them through - or wasn’t the two days he was PM long enough

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Deserves every bit of recognition he gets, does Kevin. Aren’t too many who’ve done more for the game than him.


I’d like him to personally go and stick it up the governor generals ■■■■ and call Australia Day invasion day.

And then do a big $hit on Margaret courts head.


That is an odd thing to wish for.


Ook then

I can’t wait until they knight kevin sheddy.


Cuppa bovvy for brekkie?

We, the Essendon Football Club, did that already, it didn’t work out too well


I like the way Sameold’s thinks.

I knew you’d love sticking things up ■■■■■.

Bjork says “Oh hi, Crazy”