Knickers Dropped. Training Sat 30/5/20

No Knackers today so I’ve come off the bench to write a report.

Training at Tullamarine on the McCracken Oval in sunny conditions with a strong wind blowing across the ground.

I joined Bruce and Norman to lean on the wire fence at 307 Melrose Drive and watch training from the nature strip. Originally this fence had displayed signs from the Department Of Transport forbidding entry before the construction of the new facility - now we were being kept very Mutch at bay by the Koby 19 virus.

The original plans to grow a hedge along this fence to prevent onlookers had petered out to a few withered stems. At a discrete distance Mr Dodoro was parked with a door open, watching training from the comfort of his car and ventured a measured, optimistic view of where the team is at.

Thus the scene is set. In the distance I was admiring the statues on top of the new Community Centre under construction. I didn’t see the point of having statues so high up, but when I looked through the binoculars I realized that they were workmen.

I like to try and convey the atmosphere at at training and on this occasion I was pleased to note that training had significantly ramped up from the session I saw on Tuesday. Testament to this were a number of hard physical clashes leaving Hurley, Walla, Shiel and Townsend nursing some sore spots.

Townsend was playing on the forward line and reminds me a bit of a player from the 70s - Kenny Roberts - who once led the VFL goal kicking for two or three weeks, scrambling goals and nailing opponents whenever he could.

Players were vocal and at times intense - how do you measure where the team ranks? To my mind it is a bit like beginners playing chess. They concentrate on taking as many pieces as they can to get a numerical advantage that gives them victories. However the very top players (read teams) have a sophisticated checkmate plan that they pursue from the outset. Thus we appear to have raw potential but are not polished or experienced at winning big games. Rutten and his knights and pawns are leading the battle, directing training hands on, while King Worsfold is in a safely castled position, hopefully observing and developing a grand strategy.

What of our queen - Joe Daniher? Well he did a few run throughs early on and kicked a fifty metre torp off two steps and then spent the rest of the time outside the hanger smiling amiably. The latest piece of information I have received is that he is unlikely to play this year, but neither my informant nor myself really knows. However if he did come out towards the end of the season and play in finals
he might be the surprise checkmate tactic.

While on the subject of surprises keep a close eye on Henry Cauford. I suspect that Dodoro is hoping that his selection may turn out to be inspired. Fans of Tom Hird will be pleased to note that his disposal is very clean and he rarely fumbles. He wears long sleeves like his dad.

I thought Devon Smith was the standout today - busy and aggressive. LaVerde trained well and looks very fit, sporting a coif of silver hair, not unlike Sir John Kerr. Four players took a shot at goal at the airport end. Three missed and LaVerde nailed it with the strong cross wind taking the ball through. Lucky? A goal is a goal for mine and he kicked another at the city end too.

On the casualty front Heppell is sporting a heavily bandaged finger which is limiting his training. Gown is joining in more and more and Draper looks to be nearing peak fitness. One of our better players appeared to get a hamstring injury today - it is my policy not to reveal training injuries that opposition clubs might be unaware of so we will have to wait to see if the club wishes to reveal anything.

Overall - they look all right! Once they get over their distress at Buddy’s injury, they should give a good account of themselves against Sydney.


I love Jackie reports. We need an update on Tiff please!



Oh no Langford is injured you guys

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was conor there?

Thanks Jackie. Entertaining, informative and amusing, as usual with your posts.

I’m excited about Draper. Doesn’t sound like he’s too far away from a start.

I hope the mystery hamstring is not the first of many. None of the iso training done over the past few months could really prepare the players for the intensity of full contact training. Fingers crossed for the next couple of weeks.

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Just tell us who did their hammy!

STRING innit

I think the opposition will work it out when he doesn’t train or play for 12 weeks.


Thanks @jackie_mihocek - carrying on from your high standard & entertaining reports of the past.
Also would like to know if you spotted Conor?
JD news is like a yo-yo!! Hoping there’s more up than down to come.
Am worried about the hammy but respect your decision not to reveal.

It begins.




Likely happening in every Club across the Comp as training ramps up.

Not the first, … won’t be the last, for us, or anyone.

So in conclusion:

Daniher is screwed for the year and one of our best players did a hammy.


Won’t they become aware when they realise he’s not on the field against them?

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Any news on Mutch? Haven’t heard much of him since his injury struggles. Could be his last chance if list sizes get cut.

Yeah not exactly ideal news.

In the Sheedy era, they would have concealed a hamstring injury by calling it a “virus.”


Of course. But somewhere there will be a club that gets a good run of luck, and finds themselves (perhaps unexpectedly) at the pointy end.

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Just can’t take trick this club

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@nickers @nackers @knickers and @Knackers

I am so confused.