Ladder Predictor - what's your verdict? Do we make the finals?

I reckon we’ll need 3 wins from the last four to make it.

If we can keep this side relatively fit, and we can win 3 against some of the top four teams, I think we can give the finals a decent crack for a change.

If we don’t, then maybe we can use this as a draft pick predictor…

We win 3 and finish on 9 and a half I think we make it. We win 4 and I think we get a home elim final…

So prob a chance to wear black shorts.

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Or we win zero and finish 14th


11th - nothing surer.

I’ve got us 11th. But a win vs Port = 7th.

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Just no injuries please.

Can we go into an off-season relatively fit so all our boys get full preseasons.


Any combination have us making it on 2 wins? :rofl:

I don’t know if there is, but got a shock when I saw it wasn’t that hard to miss out on the 8 even if we win 3 matches.

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Ouch. I dont think we will make it after doin the predictor without 4 wins.

10 wins required. The other drawn teams do us on percentage

I’ve got us winning 8 straight. Job done.

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I had to work pretty hard for us to make it. Melbourne will be in the 8

That works


Yeah id be close to callin tonight the end of the season if we don’t win.

Our fate is out of our hands and the upsets have to be substantial. Draw is not kind.

Me too!! I also had us with ten wins and a percentage of 180.0 but i don’t think it’s gonna happen that way.


12th or 13th

We have beaten no one. Sorry we will miss

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Lower is better. Bring on a better draft pick, pre-season 2021 and rehabbing for banged up players.

I’m not sure it would be that beneficial, to be honest. We aren’t good enough to win one and I don’t think the experience of playing in an empty ground with no atmosphere would be worth it. Making it would probably give cause to keeping marginal players past their use by date for another season longer than they should.

The answer is no

Do one for 2021 and it will still give you the same answer.