Well i’ve just formatted my front garden and want to lawn it.

What do I do from here?

I suppose the obvious answer is to get some good grass, then you can forget about the lawn

Can I grow it on my front garden? I’d get a bit too much attention.

Turn the ground over and put some ■■■■ in it…literally

Get rid of any rocks, they look nice but are a bast*rd to mow around and chew up whipper snipper cord

Install a timed watering system if you are going to use seed they need constant watering and its just easier to do it now and it doesn’t have to cost much.

Ground might be to cold to germinate seed but it would be getting close so you can give it a go.

Water, water, water, at least twice a day.

Alternatively ring a landscape gardener :slight_smile:

concrete is a solid choice.

yep, ring a landscaped gardener.
if want to save coin would remove rocks, flatten off area, or on a angle so drains away from house etc. and could try and grow grass from seed, or just buy turf and lay on top.

Pour concrete. Paint it green.

Pour concrete. Paint it green.

Then a 50m arc, centre square and it’ll become the biggest tactical garden ever!

concrete is a solid choice.

Good job you pay cash

Spray it like a ■■■■ with glycophisphate and leave it for three days. Scarify, stick a seed called premium tees in and water a little bit until it starts to show, then give it a decent burst first thing in morning and last thing at night trying to avoid warmer wearher. Best time to start is around now.
Then sit back and watch as your dog burns crop circled all over it every time she has a pi$s.
Looking at it though you could make a cool little rockery or retaining wall.

They all turn to ■■■■ unless you have access to the relevant chemicals to keep foreign grasses out.bunnings has weed and feed but that only gets rid of broad leaf weeds,grasses like poa and kikuyu will creep in and you will be forever digging them out by hand.
I would go sata Ana couch,tough,stays greens most of the year,looks good,don’t have to water.
Looks like you have a sunny spot with natural drainage so couch would love that spot.

Avoid tall fesque

What he said. He’s a Turfy.

That is if you actually want a lawn.

I’d go the garden option.

Just dug out the garden…

House is East facing if that helps.

It sort of does have retaining rocks by the footpath. Photo is a bit misleading but from the footpath to the house is about a 1m drop.

Also do I need to aerate the soil or turn the bugger over?

What type of soil?

It’s not clay or sand.

Lawn is so 20th Century.
Put down a couple of thick layers of newspaper(stops the weeds coming up), then top it with mulch and plant natives. It’ll look better, save time on mowing and, with a bit of luck, attract birds, of the feathered variety that is. Get something that draws wattle birds cos they’re the bee’s knees to watch.
PS Do it on the nature strip too and it’ll stop that ugly ute blocking your view. Sell your mower on Gumtree.

ok, from your pic it looks loamy. You ripped some plants out right? And thats techline, integrated dripper line running aound the joint? Get rid of that. If theres plant material left, or old mulch, remove it or at least add some high nitrogen fert like dynamic lifter. That will stop any Nitrogen drawdown from killing your lawn as the left over mulch breaks down.
That should sort out your soil probs unless its compacted.
For lawn choices follow what ledzep said.

What suburb are you in?

My 2c (which i stole from here)

Lawns arent always the best choices for outdoor space, but we all love em.

  • good soil preparation is the key.

  • hand pulling weeds is 1000% more effective than spraying etc

  • feed the soil, don’t feed the plant. Don’t fertilise with anything you wouldn’t put on a vege patch.

  • I chose a grass called Empire Zoysia, or EZ Turf. It’s not good underfoot, low maintenance, and RARELY needs mowing. Costs a bit more, but worth it at the moment.

  • glyphosate, round up, zero, all that stuff works very well on weeds. Just have a good read about it and see if you want to be exposed to it.