Leadership Group 2024

Obviously there was much anticipation this time last year around the announcement of our 2023 leadership team. I think whilst not as much anticipation this years will certainly be different to last years.

This is my prediction
Captain - Zach Merrett
Vice Captain - Andrew McGrath
Deputy Vice Captains - Kyle Langford and Mason Redman


Captain - Caddy

The end.


My Prediction

Captain - Nate Caddy
Vice Captain - Jake Stringer
Deputy Vice Captains - None


As long as they don’t feel the same way about hepp re getting a premiership, I’m comfortable


This guy was our captain ffs, how embarrassing


He can’t fkn do it by himself.
He’s probably playing his last year of footy. Even if he plays one more after this, we ain’t winning a flag over that period.

As long as he keeps doing the work, nothing wrong with accepting the reality of it all, and enjoying the time he has left as an AFL player.


You could argue he accepted the ‘reality of it’ years ago, I’m not going to argue that as I think he’s a terrific person but as a leader vying for the ultimate prize he missed the mark.

There is zero doubt he made people better at life and having balance and perspective, probably didn’t make people better footballers.

Captain - Zach Merrett
Vice Captain - McGrath
Deputy Vice Captains - Parish and Langford - both reserved types, but need to take ownership of this group.

Captain - someone with a fierce competitive nature whose burning ambition is to drive the club to a flag
Vice-Captain - someone with a more approachable nature to offset the captain who wants to win a flag
Deputy-Vice Captains - generals of the defense and forward line who want to win a flag



That’s not good enough. Senior leaders who accept mediocrity are a cancer to culture.

If he said that last season before he signed his new deal he’d be shown the door.

It’s an absolute loser mentality.

I hope Zach and McGrath excommunicate people who are willing to accept mediocrity.

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I was equally disgusted when I saw those comments. Can stick his on-field leadership reason for making the team up his clacker.

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I had a hole in my life once after not acheiving career aspirations in my 30s. I must say it was ever so sad- more than an inch I would say actually.

Then I remembered I have other things in life that are rich and fulfiing and that I don’t rely on a dysfunctional team to achieve!!

I feel pretty cherry ripe these days.


Bugger me Heppell cops a lot of ■■■■ on here. Bloke has tried his heart out for Essendon. Still does and won us two games last year.

Saying he has come to a point where he realises he can live with not winning a flag doesn’t mean he isn’t going to work hard, teach and play to his best ability this year.


Hep can sleep well at night knowing he has done absolutely everything in his power to bring this club success.

Imagine being a small-minded imbecile who every day logs on to a fan forum to talk ■■■■ about a club champion. Talk about loser mentality.


I remember when Jobe handed over the captaincy to Heppell and hoped that he would lead us through clearer waters…well it wasnt to be the case.’

Now the torch is with Merrett and footy club is focused.
Heppell’s history / legacy is vanishing
We are starting to become more professional at training and offield.
Can’t lay any blame at Heppell there, he has always lead the way. It’s more now the next group are willing to step up and be more vocal. Maybe we blame dodoro for not having the types to lead - looked good on paper, but didnt have the temperament or personality.’

Going way back to that 2016 season when Goddard was captain.
I was keen to make Daniher Captain in 2017 and Merrett vice as they were the future of the club and both were committed at the time. (note: Merrett was made Vice Captain in 2017 at 21)

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Club Champion you reckon?

That’s a long bow.

I will never understand why people want to continually pot Heppell. I could list his numerous achievements and awards, but it would make no difference.


Merrett - Captain
McGrath - VC

Redman, Ridley, Langford


He literally won a best and fairest. A club champion.


IMO it is very hard to judge leadership from afar. None of us really know how good or bad Heppells leadership skills are. We are just guessing.