Leadership Group 2024

I’d rather someone delusional than given up

If you read my last post, i stated he seems the ultimate professional

This is what he said in 2021 though, nothing has changed

"We’re really getting into the ‘why’ and why things are happening out there. It’s easy to see what’s happening and comment on what we’re doing wrong, but we’re not trying to do the wrong things. So it’s about figuring out why each individual isn’t doing their role to the best of their ability.

"From a midfield point of view, a lot of our senior players are in there, so we need to stand up and take responsibility for what’s going on out on the field. We’re taking it personally.

McGrath admits he and his experienced midfield teammates need to set the tone

“Myself, Darcy (Parish), Dylan Shiel are all in there, which are all senior leaders of our football club, and we need to stand up and lead by example and show the younger players what the Essendon way is.”

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Full Dyson interview here:

Being a prized no 1 selection can do a lot for a player.

Needs to lift, has had a really strong pre-season though so we’ll see. Big contract year as well $$

He’s a really important player - we only really have him & Kelly who can reliably lock down a quality small forward.

If he stays fit and we improve our team defence he should be set for an AA squad type season IMO.

Agree with everything you said. He’s vitally important to be in good form - we need him to be that reliable small forward guy


Yup this is it for me also

Would be our hardest player, maybe even our best.

McGrath will have a career year, sign a big 6 year deal on good money and then never reach the same heights again.

(Probably, because that screams standard Essendon)

I don’t think he’ll get six years, but I think at some point mid-season, he’ll sign a four year deal.
Irrespective of if he is having a career year or not.

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I’ve come to the same realization

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I wouldn’t mind seeing Big Sammy D in the leadership group as a dvc. Not this year but maybe next … assuming he has a good season and stays free of injury and does nothing idiotic.

He’s got the x factor and drags people along with his enthusiasm when he’s on. Big presence on and off field. Reckon it might be the making of him with Goldie helping his ruck craft in the background.

Just saying …

Captain Merrett
Vice Captain Langford


Copped a bit from angry ant Tony Antrobus- called him Captain Soft

I see this as a quote from a guy, that endured a steaming pile of crap, from a game that he once loved. He now realises that there is a whole lot more to life than a contrived and manipulated competition that was once the centre of his universe.

Can’t say I blame him.


Looking at the team photo from photo day today it goes

Redman - Ridley - McGrath - Scott - Merrett - Langford - Parish

So potentially likely to be
C: Merrett
VC: McGrath
DPVC - Ridley and Langford


Just saw those photos.

Jake Stringer’s son looks an absolute spitting image of the old man!

Found the pics on Instagram- I don’t have an account but it let me have a look through the most recent collection.
Stringer’s photos with the kids is gorgeous- and yes, the little guy is a mini me.
Will be interesting to see if the leadership group expands to include the next 2 in the seating order- Redman & Parish.


So no additional leadership group?