Left Essendon - Alex Morgan


I don’t think it so much about his lack of opportunity in the past but more about the future.

I reckon we told him that we are happy for him to stay at Essendon but he is way behind a long list of other players before he gets a senior game, so if he wanted to look elsewhere, then we won’t stand in your way.


Officially now a north player. Ewwwwwww


Morgan heads north? Geography not their strong suit


I hope it’s not too awkward when he asks where the rest of their training facilities are


Could you please direct me to the spongy floors.


<< kicked out of the Hangar >>


see ya.
Obviously took a lot longer to start performing than the club had hoped when drafted.
We have plenty who can play his role.


Just looks like a North player, doesn’t he?


love that lens flare.

better than yess


“Now Alex just so you know when it comes to actually paying you…”


Can we close this thread. Honestly who cares.


The responses to that tweet are funny already…

What a recruit. A nobody who’s played VFL for 2 years @samcritch29
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Hyperbole. I’m guessing if he was what you just made him out to be he’d still be at Essendon #honestymatters


Dustin Martin comes to North!!


Josh Kelly comes to North!!!

um, nope…

Alex Morgan, comes to North

we’re done here. close the doors.


Doubt he’ll be getting paid super anymore


Morgan - “alright! time to hit the weights!”
Ziebell - “ill be done with it in a second mate”
Morgan - “dont stress Jack, ill use other weights”
Ziebell - “… this is the only weight we have here…”


Morgan: ‘Hey where do I find the showers?’

Brad Scott: ‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…’


i hope this thread stays open so we can keep making jokes about how povo Norf are


Bugger… with that pace and flashiness on his draft highlight reel, i had hopes he’d be the second coming of Andy Lovett.




You mean the way that two weeks from now if someone said “who is this north player?” and showed you a photo you’d say “um, Brent Harvey?”