Left Essendon - Alex Morgan


Seem to be going OK. About 16 possessions half way through the third quarter.


Alot of them handballs but hasn’t done much wrong


Laid a really solid tackle, almost buried a bloke on the wing. Never seen him do that before, well done on him.


for realz, you basically just summed up my situation to a tee haha. actually that’s scary similar…


Could be worse. At least we aren’t eating raw or microwaved broccoli daily.


I eat wings in a bath so I’m living the high life.


I feel attacked


How do you catch all of the flies?


The exact sort of player that we would eat alive if he played for us. Turned the ball over, made terrible decisions but did a few nice things amongst it.


HM hates forgetting passwords


Speak for yourself.


Now I don’t know what to believe.


He must have the exactly right bait to catch them.

But is that why he has to have the bath? :thinking:


Believe that some are ashamed, some are proud, but all are wrong.



18 disposals at 94% efficiency, 9 marks, 5 1%ers, and only 2 clangers.
You must have been watching a different game.


Disposal efficiency is a crap measure. Took some very poor options. Not saying he was a disaster but saying if he played for us, bomberblitz would tear him a new one.


Isn’t that what they do to everyone?


Only if you have the runs or a stiffy, otherwise I’ve never had a problem.


Yeah, l agree, BBlitz often gets judgments about players completely wrong, probably more often than not.


16 uncontested possesions from 18 touches.

Looks to have addressed his soft side.