Left of field reason for how badly we are going

This is a left of center reason why I believe the club in performing so badly. I really believe it is down to the move to Tulla. I just think they sold their identity in the move. They have moved away from the heartland and into an estate next to the airport. It is awful. It is like having the biggest mansion in the worst suburb as opposed to a nice house in a good one. Most people would take the nice house in the good suburb, but we accepted second best. In the mean time we are stuck in the wilderness and it is showing in everything we do. Thoughts?


Collingwood moved from Vic Park to Lexus
Hawthorn moved from Glenferrie to Dingley and Tassie.

Didn’t impact them.

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The Lexus Centre is the best location in town. I’d kill for Essendon to train there. Instead we are out in Woop Woop with no soul where it’s way too windy.

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Man, Blitz has been good the last few days

The move from Windy Hill to a facility with a full size indoor ground is bad because:

Gooob stuff.


Hawthorn played home games at Waverley for years so it’s always been like a home to them.

I have to agree with this. The Lexus Centre is amazing, it was an upgrade. The move to Tulla is a downgrade. It has taken away the soul and it is showing. We now accept second best!

A full size indoor ground? Where. It’s a rectangular astro turf hanger no even the size of a soccer field with goals at one end

Full size?

Am I missing something?

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I look forward to when Hawthorn move to Digley, on the site of an old tip.
They will be bad because its stinky.


Windy hill is a dive. If moving out to tulla is the reason were sh*t, fold and start again


It’s the “droopy sash” of the Worsfold era.

It was yet another terrible move by David Evans (the man who almost brought the club to its knees.) I said it at the time too.

If moving away from your home base makes you worse, can North Melbourne just ■■■■ off to Tasmania already and then fold?

+1, sounds like a petulant childs excuse.

Its clear you haven’t been invited to play golf at Cathedral Range.

Windy Hill needed an upgrade. The place was the heart and soul of the club. We are now next to the airport. The only good thing is a player who likes airplanes can see them fly over the top of him!

They should leave the premiership cups on display at Windy Hill.

We don’t want it enough. Case closed.

Isn’t it? Or is it half a ground. Fkg gigantic training facility, however big it is.

I think you are ever compensating for something else.