Left of field reason for how badly we are going


Tullamarine is our attempt to pretend to be an american sports club. This ■■■■■■■ club should be forced to carry logs on their back up hills in the snow like Rocky IV.


I hope he manages his golf club better than he did our footy club. He almost destroyed the place because of his own interest in climbing the corporate ladder.


Our forward lines a mess. Thats the problem. I really think its our main one. Break down there and eventually it effects everything else.

Sure some poor quality entries, the backs conceding some poor uncontested marks, but when your sending it in plenty forward with no result? Invariably the pressure builds.

I dont think it has to do with Tulla or anything else really.

Having just lost Fantasia I think the job is just going to get tougher for the coaching staff as well.


Someone else suggested it ( thanks) Put the cups away in storage, and if any player wants to see one, the Club can tell them to get together with their team mates to help them win one, then they can see that one for themselves.


Tullamarine is windier than Windy Hill?


The saints tried that… didn’t work.


That sounds like a Dave Evans type plan!


Well they didnt deserve it, and history proved it. Its not just a matter of sacking the coach(es)


But… but… spongey floors!


The move to Colonial was a shocker. But we got the best deal…


Spongy floors only works with cooked players.


Wow…I’ve seen some rubbish on here lately but this one takes the cake, the icing and the candles.
You do realise that we are talking about a (in theory) professional sporting club and not the local darts team…don’t you?
We moved from some of the worst facilities in the competition to the best.
If there is even a small grain of truth in your premise, then they should just shut the whole thing down because the club and the players aren’t deserving of the opportunities that they have been given.



Do you even wind rose?


Swoodley you is sounds like are far too indoctrinated to question whatever spin you hear out the club. I am looking at this from a point that they club lost its identity. The scandal did not help, but the move is the icing as you put it. It was a culture killer!


I don’t think the facility itself is in any way part of the problem but the circumstances around the move were absolutely symbolic of the flacid culture of the club. Kicked out of our home of 70+ years by a bowls club. Also the fact we let our facilities become close to if not the worst in the league is further evidence of a club that completely lost focus.


I can’t believe they couldn’t come to an arrangement with the bowls club either.


The bowls club sounds like a convenient excuse. Once again look at who made the decision and his lack of accountability for any of his mistakes. You will then see a pattern!


Real reason we suck!



It did seem a little convenient.

Having said that, a change in location should have no bearing on how the club performs onfield. I mean, Tullamarine is near by, right? They didn’t move the facility to say Warracknabeal?


Also, we were already ■■■■ when we moved there.