Left of field reason for how badly we are going


They might as well of moved to Warracknanbeal


I’d say the move is a failure because the last three times we did it (1922, 1992, 2000) we won a premiership within one year…


Is it school holidays again already… so soon


We were awful for like at least a decade prior to moving.

This is like concluding that we’ve won zero games since the Fantasia name controversy, therefore that must be to blame


We haven’t been the same since we sacked Kevin Sheedy.

In no terms should he have ever been given the sack.

He should have and would have bowed out in his own way when the time was right.

Also the recruitment of Matthew Knights was the second worst decision behind sacking Sheeds.


We were well on the slide by the time we sacked Sheedy.


I blame our sponsors for being peddlers of affordable products.

If only we had prestige products. It would make all the difference. Mediocrity brings us undone again.


Our list just isn’t good enough.


I would have to say the appointment of Knights was nothing in comparison to the appointment of Evans/Hird/Thompson.


For most of the last 15 years I would agree but I think this year is different. I believe the competition is weaker & this year more than any time post 2000 we have the numbers right in terms of players through the each part of the ground. We still have some glaring weaknesses but I believe this list is absolutely capable of playing finals & that should be the measure we judge the coaching against.


The fans of the club are so heavily invested and the pseudo positive spin coming out of the club gets taken as gospil. The club clearly has the players, but lacks a culture, identity and it shows. They play without grit. The coaching staff and board have to come under the microscope. At least under Hirdy they put up a fight.


This is not Left of anything.

It is just stupid. Yep you are really stupid. In fact, you are more stupid than Diggers, and we all accept that



Sorry Tim…that’s just a crock of bulldust as far as I’m concerned.
Professional sporting organisations relocate all the time without losing their identity or soul.
We’re performing badly at present due to any number of factors but none of them can be attributed to the fact that we changed the address of our HQ.


Bull ship. Sheedy was let go at the end of his contract - that’s not being sacked. After what he allowed to occur in 1999 he was lucky to get the last few years at the club.


Go and troll somewhere else.



The Tulla site provides state of the art facilities. We have two ovals all to ourselves and not shared with the cricket team in summer or having to move to different locations during pre-season training like we used to.

We have struggled for a long time. I think since 2003 or so. Lots of discussion why. But the new facility should not be the reason.


Saints threatened to hide their premiership cups? I can see why it didn’t work.


YES! The reason we are bad is because of our state of the art facilities that meet all of our players training needs! thats whats holding us back!!!


Absolutely nothing to do with it.



I knew no good could come of this.