Left of field reason for how badly we are going


I’m sure the AFL and MCC will both be totally okay with that.


I’m more ace than stoopid, but only just.


Looks pretty genuine from here cobs


Christ I’m old


It had all of the hallmarks of one yes.


While we’re throwing around theories that are unsupported, what about the effects of the saga on the fitness people (yes long bow)

You could look at caution around time frames for returning injured players, lack of fitness, players on field looking like they’re not sticking tackles for what could be fear of injury, large numbers of soft tissue injuries etc.

Again, completely off the cuff and rightly posted in the tin foil hat thread.




I haven’t seen the other replies but how do you explain the shitness from 2004 to the date we moved to Tulla? (2015?).


They were pretty well the same as that.


I do remember one of the theories for being so ■■■■ was that we didn’t have a new state of the art training facility. Now we have one and we are still ■■■■.


But we’re state of the art ■■■■.

Spongey floors = spongey players?


Roof on marvel = lid on?


You can read the Thread title as implying we attack down the left wing too often.
This could be true.
With our left footers, starting from to Saad to Heppell and Merrett, and so on, this means we’re sweeping the boundary line continually, making players easy to pressure and harder to bring the ball back infield with a change of direction

Grasping at Straws Theory No 13b


Not enough tatts… Stringer is the only one who has tatts and has probably been our best in '19

On the other hand you have Collingwood… toothless scum that they are, were grand finalists last year.


And it’s in the Mallee


I used to work at Warrack.
For my sins, apparently.


i think our downfall started when we stopped wearing red shorts.

think about it. i clearly haven’t.