Left of field reason for how badly we are going


Don’t think is troll.


Okay - apols.


Someone should ask @Noonan how he handled the move from East Melbourne Cricket Ground in 1921.
Recent history for him.


We just suck.


The new facility is part of the solution not the problem. It’s definitively played an important role in attracting talent in recent years.


We just need to get another cup to put on the shelf.


Two cups, one shelf.


Tbf the bowls, croquet, cricket clubs are all older than the Footy club. The whole recreation reserve (Windy Hill) was at once the only place in Melbourne where you could play tennis, cricket, bowls, croquet all at the one facility.


Yeah well the time was at least 5 years too late.


Threads completely and totally unrelated to North containing calls for them to fold is easily one of my top five favourite Blitz tropes.


You think we should have sacked Sheedy 2 years post a premiership yet we hire Worsfold 10 years after his only flag - interesting.


Coming back to the topic, I am a little saddened by the move from Windy Hill, even though I can see the new digs may be attracting many “frontier club” refugees. Women’s matches, reserves games etc hopefully breathe more life into the Essendon Recreation Ground. I would love to see the odd seniors training run there too. Essendon as a suburb is far enough out and comfortable enough to not be as changed by gentrification as other suburbs, so 3040 has kept an EFC character. May that continue and increase.




Yeah because staying at Windy Hill after 04 also lead to success.


This is the same argument as playing under a roof has made players soft.


Well, maybe not 5, but he definitely should have been given his marching orders right after that 40+ lead blowing c—on loss in 05. The writing was on the wall that day.


Was that the first inexplicable loss to a poor team and perhaps the first onfield glimpse of Essington?


The Windy Hill move had to happen & that’s coming from someone who lived a 10 minute walk down the road.

What shouldn’t have happened, was the move from The G to Telstra/Emirates/Etihad/Marvel/WGAF Stadium. Sure we won in 2000 when we were hell bent on revenge for the 99 kok up, but ever since then we have been pusssy cats.


Agree that Docklands move was a bad one. How much longer until we can get out and back to the G as our home ground? Was it a 20 year or a 25 year “deal” that Jackson signed?