Let there be drums!

I’ve picked up that Blitz is frequented by quite a few drummers, so our own thread might be fun.

I started playing in the late 70s. It was mainly garage bands for me but I did a few pub gigs before work got in the way. These days I play with a power pop studio trio.

I’ve got a nice early 1980s Yamaha Recording Custom and a lovely Tama Starclassic maple (above) as my two main kits. I am a bit of a collector and have far too many cymbals but prefer Zildjian Ks, Paiste Signatures and Sabian HH.


So vintage drums go for crazy $ like vintage guitars?

Yep. Crazy money, especially for stuff like 60’s Ludwig kits. Think Ringo and Bonham-era and it’s off the charts.

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I know sweet f-all about drum kits, but I gotta say that is a very nice looking kit.

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I bought those at a place in Bayswater; don’t know if it is still there or not. It was just five standard shells. I A/B’d the kick drum against every other drum in the store and it won, even beating out ones from kits that were $1,000 higher.

I took them with me when I went back to the States and ordered the 8 rack and 14 floor in a matching finish. They’re back here in storage right now and I’m just waiting to get them out. I’m renting at the moment whilst waiting to build in Greenvale; I’m going to establish a rehearsal / record space once it is finished.

Right now trying to find a wedding / party band to join.

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