Lid Off 2018 - See It Before It's Too Late


… doing what he loves!


Top four for sure. Time to strut bomber fans.


I’m going to be a nightmare at work this year if we’re top 4 potential. An absolute nightmare. Helps that I work right next door to the training ground - perfect opportunity to strut.


Na this is it. We going the whole season unbeaten AFLX, JLT, Home and away and finals. ■■■■■■■ come at us you pelican ■■■■■


I know this is a big call given we haven’t made Top 4 since 2001.
I believe we are better than a 50/50 chance to make it this year.

The main challengers IMO are GWS, Syd, Adel, Port, Rich.
An average run with injuries, and I think have a better list than WB, Saints, Melb, WC, and even Geelong.

Our age demographic looks good, we have multiple depth options in most positions, and the stigma of the suspensions is well behind us now.
Sure, a Patrick Cripps or Josh Kennedy would be nice, but all sides have a weakness in some part of the ground.

It’s going to feel amazing when we win our first Final this year !


That will be a great feeling. But winning the 2 after that will be even better.


No, it’s exactly 50/50. We’ll either make it, or we won’t.


Yes. Absolutely. Fully Agree. Plenty to be genuinely excited about… as long as the injury truck remains an infrequent visitor. We are getting our ducks all lined up very nicely, and we don’t need a big dose of duck flu to duck up our season. It’s always that thing at the back of one’s mind that you just hope we can keep the list, by and large, low on major injuries to our key players.


Like 2000 only lost the 1 game for the entire season.


Does anyone know where I can place a 3-leg multi with Essendon for the Flag, Heppell / Stringer / Smith / Zerrett for the Browlow and JD/Hooker for the Coleman?

I tried for Ess x Hep x JD with Sportsbet but it was deemed ineligible. But Ess x Hep was allowed.


Probably not taking bets on Joe for the Coleman.


Thanks guys, it’s been great. I’ll be in the other thread






This is the home and away lid off thread.

If there was a JLT lid-off thread you could take this negativity in there.

Why is there no JLT lid-off thread? Cause no one cares about JLT.

Lid still off for 2018 home and away season. Bookmark it to the bank.




It’s times like these that we sort the wheat from the chaff in this thread.

All the fairweather lid offers (closet lid onners) jump ship faster than an EFC player getting to a dunny.

What’s left is the blokes you want in the trenches with you for a long lid off season.


What’s the pass mark for lid offers?


Top 6

At least 1 Finals win


Interesting I’d assume that’s for us lid onners to not scratch the list. Thought offers would go a flag. Considering our flagrantly confident they are.