Lid Off 2018 - See It Before It's Too Late


Yep, it’s flag or bust.



Take that straight to the fence sitters thread!


Yep, or maybe we need a "hopefully we make a marginal improvement on last year " thread.

After yesterday’s effort we can reassure ourselves that a substantial improvement is in the pipeline, and the only direction Richmond can head in is down!

Lid remains off while we gather momentum from here!


I’m still lid off but i can see the lid making it’s way back in orbit.


i am more lid off. the boys are just setting expectations low.

when it takes off from the absolute basement in round 1

woweee. strap yourself in.

bookmark this thread.


Hutchy tipped us for the flag on SEN this morning, not sure if that’s a good thing or not??


whats the odds? surely juicy. might not get any better!


That sort of talk is for the lid on thread.


Hmmmm, clearly I was a bit slow with that response. Thanks to my fellow lid-offers for calling that out.


Nope, Elon had the lid in the glove box of the Tesla…


Hahaha the first post back in October. How good


Now this was good


Surely that’s the kiss of death. The dream is over


Well they now have a reverse Coleman, is this Hutchys attempt at a reverse premiership maybe.


I stand by it.


We had a fairly good win against the umps on the weekend and the other “lid” thread is getting more action than this bad boy. WTF?

I’m up and about. I can see a 5 goal win over the Crows…and the umps.



Everyone in this thread should just enjoy the serenity for now.

once we destroy last years grand finalists on the weekend, all those fence sitters and gloomers who reside in the other world of lid on, will come streaming into this place as if they’ve been here forever.


Speaking for myself and probably most on here, I’m very much lid I-don’t-know-what-the-fark.

I have days where I think we’re headed for top 4 definitely, and days where I think we couldn’t possibly make the 8 with the midfield we have.

I’ll be going into Round 1 hopeful and excited but also super anxious


hands down this place is the best and most realistic thread on bblitz.

it will be scary good when we go beserk and kick 120 against the cows in 2 weeks.


not enough lid off converstion