Lid Off 2021 - The year Ridley wins the Brownlow

Alright ■■■■■■■■■ let’s get this steamroll going now we’re cutting a bunch of our deadwood. I might have had a whole bunch of beers post nightshift and watched jordan ridley, andy mcgrath and draper highlights and am looking forward to some good ■■■■■■■ footy next year.
Let’s not be the sooky supporter base. Let’s RIP SOME LIDS.


what counts as lid off? I’m very positive about our chances of making top 4 in the draft next year.


Enjoy the cognitive dissonance party :ok_hand:


Lid on for me, until further notice. A lot will depend on the trades we make and the draft, but a sudden and dramatic rise up the ladder is too much to ask for at this stage.

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Being positive and excited for what’s to come counts as lid off. And farking carlton. I like that you think we’ll end up with north’s 2021 first round pick bundled with brown for our 2020 third round pick.


While I appreciate the sentiment, it’s clear that McGrath will be the one that wins the Brownlow. Ridley is a chance for the BnF and the Norm Smith though …


The lid won’t need to come off. The pot is cracked. Leaking. The lid is redundant. Screw your spoiled lid.


The transition didn’t work, ok, but there’s one man in charge now and a raft of promising youngsters. Let’s back our boys to pull us out of this mess.


success talking to Essendon


The biggest surprise for me is that @Finding_Nino didn’t start this one up given his recent conversion to the Lid Off mindset!!


He’s waiting for the Mythical Big Bodied Mid.
Considering referring to him as Captain Ahab for the foreseeable future.

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My response to the recent member survey was even more positive. I told them that I think we will win the race to the number one pick.


I’m hell excited for next year.

How good are the likes of McGrath, Langford, Parish, Draper gunna get next year. McGrath for one could reach elite status. Draper could really come on too I reckon.

Laverde and Stewart look to have improved this year up forward… Should be even better next year? Praying Laverde finally has a solid pre season and gets a good run.

Heppell back to finally being fit?

Can Francis and redman find some form?

Will ambrose slot straight back into the key defender role.

So many potential positives to come out of next year. Yeah it can all go to ■■■■, but exciting none the less.

Got some gaping holes on our list which hopefully we address in the trade/draft period (KPF, running HB, lockdown defender) but let’s see how we go.


He what???

There is a 2021 lid off thread?

Mind blown :exploding_head:

Don’t forget the sweetest part of it all.
Farking carlton.

If Ridley signing on for 4 years doesn’t get some lids rattling then you’ve lost your way.

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Knowing the way Essendon develops/managers it’s players, he’s reached the top… He’ll break down with soft tissues or forget how to kick next season…

Despite my best intentions in August going all things lid off it was not to be

Alas I will recover well and bring some good lid off 2021 energy

Just need Disco to work his magic in next few months. I believvvvveee.

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I was distressed about Essendon two weeks ago, to the point I may not have renewed my membership after over 35 years. Not anymore, I believe in the future of the club being built around players such as Draper, Ridley, Zerret, Langford, Parish, Laverde and McGrath. I know for a fact they were sick of what was happening, have now stood up and will lead the club forward. A change of the guard has needed to happen, probably should’ve happened last year and now it has. I will follow the journey next year with a renewed sense of excitement.