Lid on 2018 - have we gone to soon? Nervously hanging out for Friday


I really hope we win, but i have a very sickening feeling they might give us a touch up. I just have no confidence in this group to turn up mentally to games.

Their strength is their midfield, our biggest weakness is our midfield.

It’s been our biggest weakness all season, yet no new players have been brought in to replace the one’s struggling. Still can’t believe they haven’t at least tried Bird, if he has one strength it getting the ball out of the pack


We will keep this pattern. win 1 lose 2.


I just want us to win the games we can and the ones we don’t, is because the opposition was better. Plain and simple

We already have a losing culture so not sure tanking is going to be of any use to the players we have moving forward

Yeah a pick in the top 4 would be great (and still a chance) but fk me I just want this team to start a winning culture


Not “most”. I think alot more are starting to see our like of thinking. Sure, most aren’t as negative as some of us in here, but I dare say around 60% know we are a long way off yet


Another popular myth.
A ‘winning culture’ is simply - a better team.


Collingwoods forward line is literally caca. As long Elliot doesn’t kick a bag we’ll win


Have you tasted Brie cheese?


Depends on whether the Collingwood players have had a gut full of Bucks or they want him to stay. If its the first we’ll win otherwise, we’ll get beaten.


A) Sundays Result
B) Selection
C) X Gonna Twitter

■■■■ One, Marry One, Kill One





I think you’re 100% wrong, we’ll draft a forward flanker that we can hope spend time in the middle.


Have you ever played competitive team sport?
Culture - call it attitude, call it whatever - is very much a real thing.


Yes, at the highest level.

EDIT… opps… not ‘team’ at highest level.


Its very much a thing. Watching my brothers team go from a flag winner to a no win in a season team in 2years where the best players got left because their club went to ■■■■.


If a ‘winning culture’ is what’s required to consistently win, what is required to have a ‘winning culture’?
Winning, perhaps?


As predictable as our losses vs car/bris et al.


I wasn’t trying to be a smartarse, I genuinely don’t get the ‘winning culture’ concept, in the way the term is used here.
Anyway - I’m in the wrong thread, as you’ve reminded me a few times.


Attitude, mindset, leadership etc…


But how is that (literally) apparent, unless through wins?


Wrong again.